Forgiveness after watching the Desteni video on ‘Anu’ – the creator of man

I forgive myself for fearing and reacting to how and what Anu presented in his interview.

I forgive myself for never considering that myself as a human creation of Anu is exactly the same as the Annunaki in how I present myself and move information

I forgive myself for judging Anu and Enki and Marduk’s presentation because it came as a shock to me that my creators might actually be exactly like me, confused, sad, manipulative and deceitful

I forgive myself for focusing so much on who I should be that I have in my reaction to Anu’s interview realised that I have completely judged the existence of myself as what I have allowed

I forgive myself for having a certain ‘expectation’ of myself as well as those around me as well as of Anu and the Annunaki and in them acting differently, it shocking me and in that me judging their expression

I forgive myself for experiencing fear when Any presented himself because he reminded me of a reptilian, and that was linked to my fear of the unknown. In this I feared the possibility of being influenced or hurt. This fear coming from watching movies and my fascination with the occult and paranormal. I have given the unknown like ghosts, aliens and demons power over me because I still believe that I am unable to stand before such an existence/manifestation or form.

I forgive myself for fearing the existence of an alien species that cares nothing for human values and would actually feel nothing to show their intent and ‘openly’ display their mind control and manipulation intentions

I thank the Annunaki for their presentations during their ‘interviews’ because it showed me that I fear aliens, ghosts, demons, slimy little creatures that bite, the unseen, the horrible, the uncontrollable, mind control and therefore my own mind

I thank myself for seeing that who I am and who each is not dependent on a master or a God to exist in oneness and equality with all that exists 

I forgive myself for feeling silly or stupid after watching Anu’s interview because of the way that he laughed at how ‘dumb’ humans are. Today somebody laughed at a ‘mistake’ that I made and I experience myself for a moment as stupid. I forgive myself for accepting the idea that because of who we are and what we participate in we are tiny, dumb creatures. I forgive myself for having an idea that stupidity and intellect is relevant. I forgive myself for accepting that if one does not manipulate, say clever things or make others say  ‘wow’ then you are dumb or inferior in this world. Anu’s interview struck a cord there for me because in a moment I watched him and what he was bringing across and I felt stupid, just like a slave to a God.

I forgive myself for experiencing the and allowing the idea that I am somebody’s slave and that I am just a tiny creature in comparison to a being that is apparently able to manipulate me with words and gestures

I forgive myself for accepting that we as humans are fucked because other people are able to direct us when we do not have what it takes to direct ourselves.

I forgive myself for judging a reptilian God because he is from reptilian origin and we have called him ‘God’

I forgive myself for asking Anu to protect me by speaking nice words and not interviewing with my mind consciousness.

The only reason why I would fear Anu or any other reptilians being of manipulative nature is because I have accepted manipulated me into such a nature of self that Anu’s mere presence reminds me to much of what I have become.

If we fear Anu then we fear that which he sees and thinks he can manipulate, meaning we fear who we are

Anu and co are merely showing us to ourselves and instead of being prim and proper, Anu sat there moving in his chair like a snake from a children’s novel. I had an idea that my creator would present me with grandeur and big words, but instead he showed fuck all ‘mercy’ and blew my expectations. That is cool because we human need to face ourselves, the nature of who we are and use the Annunaki interviews to stop fearing ourselves. We judge ourselves because our perfect world that we holographically project is but a cover for the manipulative snakes that we are – focused only on ourselves and our needs. So narrow minded that we completely possess our environment and each other until we get that small point of satisfaction

The Anu interview showed me that no matter what form my mind takes, in the form of Anu, I must stand up to my fear of my mind and direct me effectively

Anu to me looked like a snake and in that I was disappointed because I knew that what I was seeing was my own judgment of my own reflection. Some will watch the Annunaki interviews and be completely impressed because ‘they’re so cool and reptilian-like’. Others like myself will have the judgment in that moment that we are seeing a mirror projection of ourselves that we have never considered, because we think it to be – to absurd. Nothing is impossible and I have realised that Anu did what he did to make us pay attention to what he was. What is he? Just another being looking for attention? Surely not, I mean he has been around for so long. So perhaps what I am interpreting is man’s fear of the unknown and fear of control which I so strongly reacted to – the marshens have landed!’


I forgive myself for placing value in the fear of another

I forgive myself for accepting that Anu is some force that will manipulate me into a corner. WTF? This is how we fear ourselves because we actually believe that another is able to fuck with us – this being BECAUSE WE DO NOT TRUST OURSELVES.


I forgive myself for believing that I am less that another being with manipulative methods and words

I forgive myself for believing that who I am is subject to another’s ability to direct and manipulate me

I forgive myself for believing that Anu is here to place me back into a bubble and fuck with my head

I forgive myself for believing that who I am is still not strong enough and self directive enough to not allow any such things to influence or change me

I forgive myself for having attached a certain expectation or idea to how we were created, as if our creator should present himself in a particular way

In this statement I again state that I am less than and dependent on who my human physical body creator was for me to be who I am able to be here in each breath

I forgive myself for experience Anu as me in that all I see is somebody who is up to something and full of shit. My first reaction was: is this it? In this I have separated myself from Anu because

I am stating that I am not willing to accept responsibility for the truth in essence of myself and in essence the truth of who we are – not a pretty picture hahahahahahaha


I forgive myself for fearing and doubting that I will not be able to direct myself as Anu and transcend that within myself that caused the reaction within me – deceit, manipulation, self-abuse, self-hatred etc

I forgive myself for believing the images and ideas placed on YouTube and on TV about the Annunaki and that if we are attacked or invaded or control by them then we are completely fucked and our planet and minds will be consumed.

This is how we are controlled, by people who do not want us to stand up to control and self direct. I forgive myself for believing the fears and stories around what will happen to man if the reptilians returned or some alien species – thus we must never stand up and believe what our governments tell us – rather the enemy you know then the one you don’t bullshit. I see that propaganda for what it is, just another way that we have directly or indirectly with subtle ideas been terrorized into fearing what will happen if we are ever invaded or controlled. Therefore we would rather continue being controlled by our governments’ then stand up and stop all accepted forms of slavery and control. We have accepted that slavery and control exists and therefore that is used against us. I forgive myself for fearing what will happen if I lose control. The imagery of the Annunaki has been programmed into my subconscious and when I was faced with these images or designs it brought out my fear of the unknown and of what could happen if we do not stand up to what we have allowed. But also within this I accepted myself less than the world systems that use these images and constructs to keep us enslaved.

I forgive myself for fearing the world systems that Anu and co represented in their presentation, because all of a sudden it was no more on the TV but right in front of my face. I forgive myself for fearing the world systems. I forgive myself for giving the world systems value by paying attention to what images and control points they place before me in my environment. This I do daily in my fear of being wrong, fear of making mistakes, fear of being reprimanded, fear of the unseen, fear of my past, fear of the future,

 fear of others, fear of getting hurt, fear of death, fear of control, fear of the elite, fear of money, fear of the rich, fear of anger, fear of self abuse, fear of horror, fear of murder, fear of rape, fear of war, fear of confrontation, fear of self-responsibility, fear of self-expression, fear of myself


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