Miasms: Points that have manifested as me as the physical body






Genetic, DNA, From conception, mother, father, accepted encoded points lived out as persona


These are points I have looks at so far


From birth I had four major personas’s which supported the ‘points’ of miasms.

·        Intellectual: Clever, smart, way ahead of the others, insight

·        Afraid: Anxiety, nervousness, fear based suppressions and hopelessness

·        Abstract: different, contained, hermit, spiritual, different, angry, confrontational, subject to change within believe

·        Compassionate: thinking of ‘the whole’, thinking of what is the best thing to do, oneness and equality

The actual miasms are the defining points that are ‘brought’ across through genetics and DNA through which the stages of the physical are dependent on eg: the growth for example of a young baby to teenager is progressively linked to what miasm or genetic programs are running as ‘points’ that require to be lived as persona through the being. For example is the miasm is the beings genetic point of information – transferred and encoded as ‘who the being should become’ then the persona is how the being lives the miasm in totality of expression.

The miasm could be genetic traits of e.g.: depression, anger or sadness brought through from the mother or fathers miasms but the child will ‘live’ out the physical structure as the major physical traits and becoming of the body by for example being overweight, underweight, broken hip or injury’s that happen within specific periods of the beings ‘growth period’.

My miasms for example are depression lived through my persona as being a carefully, contemplative being, focusing on what makes sense rather than free expression in every moment. The personality through which I define myself as a depressive miasm is to live cautiously, without being freely expressive unless I see the worth within what I express. Placing myself within ‘bad moods’ or becoming sore within my body thus manifesting the physical of the depression as pain, discomfort, but endorsing the physical manifestation through the persona of being careful to not have to make mistakes. Thus my hip is an example of where and how I allow myself to say: no thanks I won’t walk to fast or run ahead and play as I would like to because my physicality won’t support me not being cautious, thus supporting the miasm of depression and sadness.

Next miasm: anger of self. Lived here as persona called being serious and not allowing shit within my environment and thus manifesting physically as the definitive limp and strong arms and strong jaw. Thus ‘projecting’ the image that I am strong and not to be messed with, endorsed by my persona of being tough when it is coming from the persona of anger at self. Thus if I am angry with myself as ‘self anger’ then I will walk around in within a stiff body, presenting ‘strength’ as my point of anger, thus justifying self anger. The persona will be ‘walking around speaking only if beings don’t talk too much shit to me or give me more reason to face my own miasm but rather leaving me alone to exist as the miasm and persona of ‘being strong’

Next miasm: ‘sadness’ inherited just like self anger and depression from both my mother and father – thus generating a complete physicality as ‘both parents’. This means that because I have genetically become both parents’ miasms I have become them as the physical manifestation and persona’s as well. The physical of my father for sadness also linked to depression is the weakening of the body, feeling of tiredness and wanting to be left alone to not have to stretch the body and participate in the physical. From my mother the physical has become the tiredness of conversation, judgment in my thoughts and placing words before a being to make them think that if they shut up rather than express their sadness then both of us will actually seem more alive, when in fact both beings physically swell up with water, holding back on the physical expression of grief and thus being protected with body water. My father’s personality is to shut up and not say anything, thus living as the persona of constantly seeing the bad and the ugly in everything. My mother’s persona is the grieving for all things lost: e.g.: money, family, friendship, opportunity, value, ideas, God



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