My experience with Demon Possession

(17 May 07)     Possession:

My name is Andrea and I want to share with you briefly my experience of demon possession. I had a demon follow me for most of my life. I of course was not aware of this at the time but after I was released from the demon about two years ago I actually was able to do a very fascinating thing. I was able to communicate with the demon and hear from him when he started following me and influencing my life. This was done simply put after the demon had released himself from his application through forgiveness and is now just another being working  in the dimensions (heaven)to assist us here on earth. More can be read about the transformation of heaven to be able to assist the demons at  I suggest firstly referring to the FAQ section to understand the words used in the articles.

It started soon after my father died at the age of eleven, when all aspects of my life and ‘personality’ started changing drastically. The demon used my father’s death to turn my thoughts against ‘God’ and created a relationship (unknowing to me) to the stark reality that a lot of children face when they experience such a loss. The grief that I experienced as most children do was encouraged by him with specific words and extensive thoughts. From that point on I questioned religion, God and the meaning of why we even bother being here when we’re going to die lonely, miserable deaths. A couple of weeks after my father’s death his closest friend and wife came to give my mother their condolences. That evening after everyone had gone to bed I sat in the lounge chatting to my father’s friend. Next thing the demon integrated into this man and he out of the blue started fondling me. You can imagine my shock. This event of course spiraled me even further into a darker side of my personality as it was clear to me that not only can God not be trusted but neither can people. So the demon was preparing me to distance myself from God and all of life by showing me the ‘evil’ side of God’s people. That indeed people who were supposedly from God’s creation were nothing but evil, supposedly dressed as Christians. So my dislike for religion (especially Christianity) increased ten fold.

As the years went by I went into a quieter, emotionally unstable personality. During my high school years I found myself becoming distant from the other children and seeking different values to theirs. Things that they considered precision I laughed at like boys, religion and education.  This of course had a lot to do with how the demon was influencing my thought processes and my beliefs. I saw things clearly from the perspective of religion and how people are slaves. I understood many things which when discussed with other children caused them to label me as ‘weird’. I asked them (which the demon admitted he did through me) why do they go to church when people die horrible deaths all in the name of God. Now as you can see that is quite something coming out of the mouth of a 17 year old? When I finished school I was very much anti religion already yet I found paganism quite an interesting concept. I met somebody who was a Wiccan and together we delved into the art of magic and speaking to the dead (Ouija board). This became my life, a devotion to God’s, Goddesses and creating spells to punish people that did us wrong. The funny part of it was that the demon told me he was the only being that I had ever spoken to on the Ouija board, due his ability to block all other beings. You see this demon was no ordinary demon, he was quite powerful and his ‘mission’ was simply to create a world for me in which my focus was always on him. He had the ability to control my actions to such a degree that all decisions that I made were under his control. Any job that I took would fail and I would be unemployed again, sitting with my friend, playing Ouija board. This was due to me losing interest quite quickly and always resisting doing well in a job, therefore I never remained there for long. The resistance was in the form of chronic fatigue, dyslexia and the inability to focus. When I did finally find a two year job it was on a secluded farm where my main focus was just to work, with very little interaction with people.

After two years I met a guy and moved in with him. This of course was not so much to the liking of the demon as he saw me as his possession, so he decided it might be a good idea to control our relationship as well. The relationship became abusive to the point that I was constantly under verbal attack and sometimes physical. The demon would integrate into him and start accusing me of the strangest things, and then the next moment he was fine again. Sometimes he would become violent, picking me up by my neck, throwing me up against a wall and then minutes later my ex would not remember what he did. This strange behavior went on for about three years and finally I allowed the demon to possess me just to get away from the pain and fear. You must realise that while all this was going on the demon kept me in a semi hypnotic state, therefore ‘getting out’ wasn’t an option.

 The demon openly admitted to me that he was jealous and that the ‘other’ man was only there to pay the bills. He presented himself to me as a God and I believed that he was going to take care of me in this world. In my controlled state all of this of course made complete sense. We shared an understanding about this world and had decided to walk this world together. It was however not easy for him to watch the other man having to provide for me as he did not want him in my life. So day after day he would ensure that I hated this man by created the abuse and also ensuring that he was the one that I loved. Strange to hear a person talk about loving a spirit I know but if you can imagine you and me but without physical bodies, that is what demons use to be, not creations of the ‘devil’. I was able to see and hear him as he was in the form of an apparition. I had a serious contempt for humans and related completely to this demon’s experience of himself. However once things became too much in the relationship with my ex I decided to leave and it was the effect of having a possessive ex-boyfriend and a possessive demon that I finally allowed myself to be fully possessed. This was very gradual but by the time my ex decided to do something and take me for an exorcism I was sitting on my bed day in and day out possessed by this demon. When my ex would visit I would sit there naked speaking as the demon (in a man’s voice), I had fully given up and was allowing this demon to speak for me. I was often picked up by this demon, held by my neck and flung across the room. He could strangle me until I passed out. Intercourse and molestation happen often, hence the fact that I could not even leave my house. If my mother or ex spoke to me the demon would speak in his voice and mostly tell them to get lost. Often he would integrate into me and attempt to slit my wrists. I would be walking and he would drop me to my knees, standing over me laughing. I would experience intense headaches if I attempted to not interact with him. He was able to integrate fully into me and speak to people as well as walk around in my body. He could put me in a comatose state if he did not want me leaving home or if he did not want me talking to people he would put me in a trance like state. As I mentioned he was able to integrate into my ex and stand there yelling at me, then seconds later my ex could not remember what he had done. If I did not do what he told me to do he could make me vomit or pass out. If I left my house he would make me feel so ill that I would go back as soon as possible. Luckily for me my ex realized something was wrong and convinced me to go for an exorcism.

 At the exorcism the people who worked on me saw him and some experienced his effects, even before I told them what he looked like or how ill he could make you. This of course was very entertaining to the demon as exorcisms are not very successful (the demon just moves on to another body). However at the time it assisted me as I made the decision to ‘release’ myself from the demon. It was not an easy process for me as the effect of being controlled for so long stayed with me. Therefore about six months after this I yet again communicated with the demon as I one day realized he was still with me, yet keeping his distance. I had difficulty relating to people as they all seemed unaware of what is going on in this world. A demon had access to more information than you can even imagine as they could read minds and read energy therefore having unique insight into this world. Therefore having discussions with this demon were mind blowing.

I again allowed for him to step back into my life and it was quite a story to not allow myself to get killed by this demon. Realise that I could sit for hours talking to this demon as long as I always stayed only with him. Occasionally if I was not careful around him he would pressurising me into committing suicide as he wanted me to live with him dimensionally. Once it was a close call.  When I was going for my ‘exorcism’ he told me that he would cause us to have a car accident. On the way there a truck driver looked me straight in the eyes before attempting to push us of the road. At any stage I could feel his body energetically, a mass of energy with arms, a face, torso, legs. He could appear at any given moment as any apparition and many people who can see sprits would ask me who this being was that walked beside me. I have given you the basic outline of what happened, you are welcome to e-mail me if you would like more details. Until I discussed it with him I was also of the opinion that molestations and job losses were just things that people do to one another. Unless you have experienced possession yourself what I am saying sounds like a young lady who needs counseling hey? As impossible as it sounds, being picked up by dimensional hands and flung across the room is not something I would call issues with teenage traumas. What you must realise is that demons are beings like you and I that have become de-manned. Anger, sadness, grief are but a few ‘emotions’ that drive beings once they’ve passed over to become the angriest most furious of beings. So when the dimensional beings worked with them dimensionally (remember time doesn’t exist in the dimensions) you have quantum understanding and corrections. All compounded ‘issues’ existing in these beings was released dimensionally, which was not possible before as the white light did not allow it, leaving demons to roam free.

Like I have mentioned in the beginning of the article myself and the people I work with work extensively with beings from the dimensions of which some use to be demons. This is how I was able to get all the details from the demon himself. Your question to me might be; but how can heaven cleanse the demon dimension? This was not possible before because of the white light, demons were left to do what they want because it creates more fear which in turn creates more enslavement of man kind. I use the word creates because now even though they no longer exist the mind consciousness is able to become any application that is possible. Consciousness as pre-programmed systematic response can not fathom heaven standing up as we have been pre-programmed to exist in the soul construct. All it took was for us and heaven to see our own enslavement to the white light and consciousness system and from there stand up. Not all beings made it when heaven stood up as many of the older spirits would not give up their perceived power. Once the beings in heaven realized to what extent they were controlled and they released themselves (not an easy process) they were able to assist the demons. This has been quite an extensive process for all of the dimensions (heaven). In the FAQ section of the web site you can read about our creators (the Annunaki), the white light and the soul construct. Feel free to discuss this with me some more.

The experiences that I had with this demon were rather fascinating and now that I have the ability to talk to him he explains to us (we work with demons that have been released as I have mentioned) how demons use to work and why. So if any of you have had similar experiences and require assistance please feel free to speak to me. If you are not sure if you have been demon possessed but you suspect so I can speak to the being (if any) and find out. Often people don’t realise they have had demon involvement in their life as they don’t even realise the extent of demon possession. I am not religious, I work however with all beings in heaven (we speak to them through an interdimensional portal). I speak to the dimensional beings in ‘heaven’ as it is now (a lot of changes have taken place) as they are now working with us to assist man kind.   

 For the videos in which I explain in more detail ‘The possession’ visit Youtube and do a search on Andrea – or visit for the video listing

22 responses to “My experience with Demon Possession

  1. My name is Carissa and I am 14 years old. Recently my friends said i was possessed by a demon that said he was lucifer, and i have had many encounters before. Im not exactly sure what to do about them….. do you have any recommendations?

  2. Hi Carisa. Here is an e-mail that I sent to another lady who asked me a similar question. At the bottom I have included a second e-mail to another person – that give more information on the creation of entities.:

    ‘Thanks for being ‘open’ with regards to discussing this topic with me, it will assist many more if we are able to face these topics. As you can see I have attached a document which I typed to another lady a while back. As you can see the document was typed through me by a being called Alaiyea. The typing was done through a method called ‘automatic typing’. It was done in response to a question asked on the Desteni form, where I participate and sometimed type documents as explained, with dimensional beings.

    The reason why I attached the document is so that you may take a read through it and see the similarity of both experiences. Basically what I mention in the document – which is relevent to what you are experiencing is as follows:

    The dimensions cleared up the demon dimensions about two and a half years ago, and therefore there exist no more demons. What people like yourself are experiencing are mind demons. Now as you have noticed when you participate with this ‘entity’ on the ouija board it is always about some struggle that exists between you and this invicible ‘force’ on the board. This is indicative of your internal struggle. What you are experiencing as you mentioned is depression, loneliness, confusion, anger and the need to be ‘understood’. What we – myself uncluded have done for so long is seek for answers to our ‘internal struggle outside of ourselves, as if we feel somebody or something must tell us how to assist ourselves to find the answers to why we experience ourselves the way we do.

    What i realised in the time of my demon possession/ouija board experiences was that I was looking to find somebody that could assist me in seeing how and why I was depressed/self destructive. The web site that I am a part of has assisted many beings in writing about their experience and the site includes methods through which you then are able to assist yourself. So from the perspective of you assisting yourself with regards to your depression and anger, I would say the first step is to stop participating in this mind game you play on the ouija board. If you look at it in common sense you will see that even though you think it gives you companionship or answers – it actually does not and causes you more confusion, depression and self abuse.

    I realise that this character/entity on the ‘board’ has become your companion but if you are able to see the cycles you have created and how they dont support you, then you will see that the best thing is to not participate in anything that does not actually support you. At this stage your best support will be to not ‘complicate things’ and to learn to effectively communicate with yourself. So for now I suggest stop using the ouija borad and wirk with yourself alone. Work through the points where you have neeeded this demon/entity to participate with you. I suggest write down your experience and how you are able to give to yourself one and equal what you wanted this demon/entity to give you (eg answers, companionship etc). This as I mentioned is where writing comes in and examples thereof are on the Desteni web site. For example if you are the only being that is able to assist you, then what would you do? If you realise that this entity mind demon is only your subconscious fears speaking to you, then how would you go about assisting yourself to realise and forgive that which you hide from?

    I suggest join us on the desteni web site: where as I mentioned there are many discussions that you will be able to relate to and many usefull application such as writing and self forgiveness that will assist you.’

    Second e-mial. I have included the girls question so you can see her experience:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I think that I’m being
    following by a ghost/demon. Every so often in the middle of the night
    something/someone possesses me where I can’t breathe and there is a great
    amount of pressure on my chest. Normally I say the “Hail Mary” prayer and
    that normally works to make it go away but last night I felt it was the
    most powerful and did not work. This happened to me about 5 times during
    the course of the night.

    My mom thinks I need to see a psychologist but I don’t think that I am
    crazy hence I’ve stopped telling her about my dreams/nightmares. My
    boyfriend who is a very religious person admitted to me the day before
    yesterday that he hears/sees scary noises such as someone dragging their
    feet across the room even though he lives on the top floor and nobody is
    awake and he hears and sees such things only when I AM THERE !!!! which
    of course freaked me out. He also admitted to me that he doesn’t tell me
    these things because he knows I will get scared. Also the day before
    yesterday as I was about to sleep I heard in his room breathing noises
    that faded in and out like a person was breathing very hard sometimes
    coming near me and sometimes from a distant part of the room. I told him
    about this in which he said that he heard it too sometimes.

    In the past I have played around with the Ouija board but after my
    dreams/nightmares about being pressurized while i slept I have since
    thrown it away. I have also played with the website I
    do not know where to go from here, I am not baptized but I do believe in
    God and I would like to be “normal” again.

    Response to question from: Alaiyea
    Date: 19 June 2007
    Typed through Andrea

    Hi Valerie this is Alaiyea and I am an interdimensional being from heaven. By interdimensional of course we refer to the fact that we are currently here on Earth to assist people like yourself to understand what your experiences are and how to practically assist yourself. I have been living in heaven now for about 5 years, after I died from having my life taken by another human being. So please be assured that we as the children of heaven fully comprehend what you have experienced in your life. I have done a thorough check on what you have mentioned in your question to us and here is what I have come across.

    Firstly I would like to thank you for communicating with all of us here at Desteni-Universe. Andrea, the lady who you asked the question to is currently doing the transcribing, meaning she is typing for me while I tell her through telepathic means what I want typed. You see here at Desteni-Universe the dimensional beings (beings that are currently in heaven) work together with beings such as Andrea to be able to assist all here on earth. So while Andrea wrote about her own demonic experience it gave us all the opportunity to connect because many beings like yourself are at a loss for what they are experiencing. Currently the dimensional beings, like myself are doing all the ‘research’ into people’s lives, making it possible for us to assist beings like yourself who require to have someone ‘on the ‘inside’ so to say who is actually able to go and visit you to see what is really going on. Then we come back and we are able to write to you and give you our feedback on what we have found. This way all information has been directly seen by us, as we go into your mind and also in to your house where you are currently experiencing this. So I will now write about what I saw when I gave you a visit.

    What I saw and experienced was to be described as the follows. Remember to keep yourself open to what I tell you and don’t judge yourself on anything that I tell you. Firstly let me tell you something that will probably come as a great shock to those that still believe in demons and haunting. As of the beginning of 2006 all demons were released from their applications through the taking in of and release of their application by all beings in heaven. By this I am speaking about an event that occurred early in 2006 where by heaven with the assistance of a few beings here on earth were able to capture all demons as well as entities and release them from their applications. You see demons were beings like you and I that became either transfixed with a particular human emotion, thought or pattern, capturing them for hundreds of years in a demonic state. Once a being becomes obsessed within a particular thought pattern or feeling they are often then ‘trapped’ into this singular application which we would refer to as demonic. Demonic beings as they were dimensional as well as here in physical form were all so obsessed with what they were experiencing that nothing else mattered, only what it was they experienced. Imagine for a moment that you are trapped in one singular emotion of either rage or sadness as you leave your earthly body and for millions of years that is all you experience, that singular emotion. Have you ever been extremely angry, so much so that you’ve thought you’re head might explode? Well that is exactly where a demonic being originates from. When a being ‘dies’ within that one conflicting emotion or expression they then become that as they step into the dimensional reality. You are here what you create. So literally the dimensions were filled with beings that were stuck within one singular thought or feeling application that was with them as they died. So often while people are dying they are either angry due to what is occurring or filled with extreme sadness or fear. Therefore heaven up until a while ago was filled with extremely volatile beings due to the fact that they were in heaven as they experienced themselves dying.

    So, basically all of heaven was released from a form of enslavement which for the time being I shall call the white light construct. For more information on this please refer to the FAQ section of this web site, as it was quite an involved process. Therefore to explain it I shall stick to the basics and tell you that here on earth we had a soul construct that ‘told’ beings as a part of who we all became that we should all believe in something greater than us to be able to survive. If you don’t belief in what you are told to belief you will be destroyed. So here on earth you have beings fearing this all over the world, therefore we have beings belonging to different religions claiming that they have found the way to keep you safe. Now here in heaven we had the exact same problem. Even though we were never allowed to actually see or meet God we were all petrified of his authority. We blindly followed this religious system for thousands of years before we all eventually (with the assistance of beings here on earth) came to understand that we were all just following what our fear dictated of us to do. So basically heaven stood up (as a matter of speaking) and we as the children of heaven had to make a few tough decisions about what to do regarding our own enslavement. You see most of the children here in heaven have died horrible deaths, some so horrible you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. We stood up to this white light system that was dictating to all of humanity and now we are here as heaven’s truth to assist man kind.

    One of the first things we in the dimensions had to do was clear up the demon dimension. We could not allow people like yourself to be bullied any longer. So many beings within the dimensions realized that it was indeed up to us as we are all there is in heaven. Beings such as Jesus and Buddha had to come to the realization that unless they took over heaven from the pre-programmed religious construct we would all remain this way as earth is experiencing itself right now, forever. By experiencing I am referring to the fact that nobody from heaven has thus far been able to successfully direct earth out of it’s current situation, hence the fact that so much has to change here. So heaven with all the beings standing together took each and every entity and demon and stood for that being as one. Oneness is a truly fascinating thing the minute one being stands for something there occurs what one is able to describe as a chain event. All the beings in heaven understood what had happened in heaven for the demon dimension to be allowed and made a collective decision for all of humanity to not allow this to exist any longer. Amazing things are able to exist when many beings make a decision together and considering that heaven consisted at the time of trillions of beings it wasn’t that difficult for this to occur! So everyone made the decision to collectively take each and every demon and entity creation and return those beings to the beings that they were before they became demons and entities. The process was largely difficult from the perspective of ancient old demons that were not willing to give up their ways!

    However in heaven truly anything is possible so we stood as this possibility and soon enough the demons became tired of rejecting the truth about themselves and decided to take a peek at who they were underneath all that aggression. Once these beings became aware of themselves as the beings that they were ‘underneath’ all the anger and sorrow they started understanding what choices they had made. Imagine for a moment that you are a furious demon with only hatred oozing from every cell in your body. The next thing however a thousand beings encircle you, enfolding you with understanding until you become overwhelmed by the reality of the situation, that you’re not going anywhere until you’ve faced yourself. Then slowly the beings start sharing with you the story of your existence. You stand there unable to move, yet you are not able to run even if you could because you have to understand yourself. It is something each human wants, yet in this world seldomly gets: understanding. A part of you wants to see what it is these beings are showing you about yourself and trust me not many demons were against the idea of getting to know themselves better. When for thousands of years all they existed as was extremes of fury or sadness, leading them further into destruction, now they were finally at the point where things made sense. We showed them how they lived on earth, how they died and how they came to be demons. Remember in heaven things are able to be done in quantum time therefore what would take hours here, takes mere seconds in the dimensions. So this is how we worked with all the demons. We spoke to them and repeatedly allowed them to face who they remembered themselves as beings before they became demons. Using this method together with quantum understanding as well as forgiveness we were able to lift the demonic ‘nature’ from each being. This process would not have been possible was it not for the fact that the demons were contained and faced one by one, in their thousands. It was a huge project but once we understood what to do it was fairly simple. Even some of the biggest demons known to man kind were trapped and shown who they really were. They all put up one hell of a big fuss, ranting on about how strong they were. However once we showed the being exactly what it was they would not face the being was stunned, then became less aggressive as they realized that we had something they had never faced before. We as heaven had accessed the truth, something that no being was able to do before. We had found the inner truth of each being that once experienced left even the toughest demon at a loss for words.

    Now however we as the dimensions are left with the most interesting cross roads. Now that demons and entities no longer exist we are left with what one could call our creator’s plan B, namely: consciousness. Everything that was once in a living form such as demons and spirits that have now been released from their application, once found it’s origin in the human’s conscious mind. Therefore we are now sitting with the residual effects of what these consciousness creations were able to manifest in the first place. Whereas before we had actual beings becoming the consciousness creation of the mind we now have consciousness creating the effects of what ever is possible. Remember the human mind has various capabilities. One of these would be to create a being out of thoughts, habits, beliefs and so forth. This is in this case what we would call the demon as previously seen in ‘spirit’ and human form. Now however the demons as beings have been returned to their original being. Now that heaven does not allow beings that pass over to go into such applications again we are seeing what it is the mind has created here on earth, which is not so easy to sort out as everything on earth takes longer and is subject to the human factor. We are left with a’ secondary’ mind creation process called entity creations.

    Entities as seen here on earth is what occurs when a beings creates usually with the assistance of another being many points that relate to one singular thought. So let’s use this as an easy example to get you started. Let’s say you have decided to bake a cake. Now together with the ingredients you require to have instructions, an oven, electricity, and most probable another person somewhere along the way to inspire you to either want to bake the cake or to give it to. Get what I am saying? The baking of the cake is fairly simple due to the fact that we throw together all the ingredients and place it in the oven and there (hopefully if all goes accordingly) you have the end result. How you got to the end result however was up to many points, in fact so many that you weren’t actually even aware of them. Did you see exactly how many grains of flower went into one cup or how the oven require electricity to flow at a particular rate for that temperature to be reached? No, we are generally not aware of the finer details when we are doing such things, as baking a simple cake. Yet at the end you have the end result regardless off the finer details. Now the same process occurs within the mind. The most amazing creation are able to be created without us even being aware of what the ‘finer details’ are. Now before you get to concerned I won’t be telling you to go and see a psychiatrist and I would like you to know that in actual fact what is going on is much easier to deal with than an actual demon that does not answer to the likes of humans in a hurry. Demons as they were before listened to no human as religion had absolutely no power over these beings.

    What I am in fact saying here is that the mind has the most fascinating ability to re-create anything we possibly are able to direct. By this I am referring to the combined effort between the subconscious of two beings to create what they fear. As I have mentioned just now the mind no longer is able to create demons after death as the dimensions are no longer allowing demons to exist. We do however sit with many entity creations here on earth due to how the human factor is not able to be influenced through dimensional means unless you make a clear statement about what you are going to allow, only then are the dimensions able to step in and assist you with these entity creations. You see if we assist you with this creation, in clearing and understanding it, it is then up to you to take the necessary steps to ensure that the ‘baking of the cake’ does not occur again. By the baking of the cake process I am referring to all the finer details that when put together are able to create anything the mind wishes to create.

    Let’s look at how entities as in your case are able to be created. The subconscious mind is somewhat of a daft thing you see. It creates a world in which you live purely based on how you have ‘thrown together’ all of the ingredients. When the mind links in with another mind’s fear it then becomes somewhat of a catalyst for experiences, allowing itself to draw to it all experiences that are currently being feared. Why would the unconscious mind join in to other minds to create you’re worst fears? Well one would almost call the human mind the simplest tool or trick in the book. You see we are all aware of the universal mind. This universal mind as we call it the unconscious mind is what is our link to all other minds throughout the world. This being the fact that everything we experience globally eventually becomes the one singular event that is seen to happen throughout the world. Have you noticed how something will happen somewhere in the world and eventually after a couple of years this one singular human experience is then picked up by many other humans and that one experience becomes global? This is how the global consciousness works. It links into each and every human mind all over the world and thus the experience that one human has then becomes the experience for so many others. Even when you might not have had much to do with such an event, just the fact that the universal mind is interlinked to all other minds you have the experience becoming yours just because the information is transferred through the universal mind.

    Now as for what you and your boyfriend are experiencing. This is the entity creation which is the end product of two minds that are working together. Solely from the perspective of global consciousness our minds are already over loaded with images and consciousness creations that once we access them we are left with very strange and somewhat scary experiences. Two minds come together and start ‘speaking’ within the universal mind language about all our fears. You might not even be aware of what it is you fear yet once the universal mind locks it into you, the fear of many thousands of others; you are merely a couple of ingredients away from experiencing it for yourself. If you see the mind as a very unique satellite system you will understand that within our collective experience of ourselves we have always experienced things as part of our pre programmed design. Once one being allows themselves to experience something it gets uploaded into the universal mind and is carried to many other beings. Then once that being either fears or rejects or desires that experience for themselves they are able to manifest it, merely by’ downloading’ all necessary information from this ‘global network’. How do you think it is possible for all humans to have the exact same fears, thoughts and behaviours? It is due to the fact that we have been programmed this way and the rest of our experiences come from the human unconscious which is linked to all other humans. We experience what we experience either because we have been preprogrammed much as with the baking of the cake to have an end result. All our thoughts which lead to other thoughts which then lead to our actions: the end result of what we experience. It works the same yet with different experiences when it comes to our unconscious mind. We are all connected therefore we share universally. One human mind. This is why when one being’s mind projects a fear soon many experience the same.

    You boyfriend and yourself both have the same fear. His comes from his religious back ground. Yours comes from your fear of what you might have invoked by playing with the Ouija board and on the internet. Together the two of you might have different forms of demonic fears yet it comes together into one basic experience. The relationship that you have is much like that of baking the cake. Two beings that on a daily basis contribute on a subconscious (those thoughts that we are not even aware of) level all fears pertaining to life. You see the mind once faced with an apparent ‘real’ fear will bring it into the conscious. These are usually the spoken fears that are communicated in a relationship or amongst individuals. These fears are for example about money, the future, sex etc. The fears of things pertaining to the subconscious are those fears that we do not want to acknowledge or even talk about. We are so afraid of these things because if they were to come our way we would certainly not have a clue what to do about them. These are the fears such as demons, entities, God and so forth. These fears are all situated in the mind within structured layers. The fears that the mind is at least willing to talk about are structured more towards the conscious part of the mind. Those fears that we deem impossible to face are hidden deep within the subconscious ensuring that they are never revealed. What we do instead is we draw ourselves a bit of a problem when it comes to us unleashing these hidden fears. When we are faced with these deep dark fears we immediately go into a state of delusion as a means of protecting ourselves. That is how the human mind has been set up to protect it self, unfortunately because all that it means is we are currently all very disillusioned about what our fears are and how to face them. Hence the fact that this world is in such a state. We are being faced with what we deem to be our deepest fears and we then go into a disillusioned state instead of dealing with it with full clarity.

    The mind has created a ‘safe place’ where it takes you to when faced with all fears. Hence the fact that most beings faced with what you are right now will go the path of either religion or psychiatrists to ease what the conscious mind has to face. Place the responsibility out there someplace instead of bringing the being to full realization of what they are facing. To do exactly that, which is bringing you to full realization of what has occurred and how you are able to assist yourself I will explain step by step what has occurred:
    – Your boyfriend has a subconscious fear of the unseen, therefore when he is placed in your company he will immediately react to the fact (which he is not aware of) to the fact that you have had experiences with the Ouija board. This in turn creates projections in his mind that may appear to be real. Remember that everything we experience in this world is created because the mind has a connection to the eyes and all the other senses. What we experience is due to a perception that we have of what is around us. Therefore your mind making sense of a flower is actually no different to it making sense to the fear that lurks behind what you have participated in (with the Ouija board). Both are unseen until we make sense of them therefore placing them into ‘identifiable’ categories. The flower however posses no threat to us therefore we don’t react. We have been taught since small that flowers are lovely and mostly fun to be around. The spiritual dimension has been shown to not be so friendly largely due to religious influence and what others have allowed themselves to experience. So now the question remains. What do you do once you have been given the facts about your own perception skills?
    – You’ve now realized that both you and your boyfriend are reacting to each others fears. You have unleashed your worst fear within you because; guess what, your boyfriend has started proving to you that you have not made it up. Firstly you have what one would call, the personal experience factor where you are already overwhelmed by what you’ve experienced and now he has experienced similar things. Now you sit with the creation of two beings, something that undoubtedly the mind is not able to reject. Once two beings experience the same things it becomes so very real. Now keep in mind that what you are experiencing is absolutely possible. It is all a part of the human psyche which not even the scientists fully comprehend yet. How is one able in the first place to experience a demon’s attack without it being a physical being, let alone an ‘attack’ from the mind’s worst fear? Let me tell you something; I would rather have you stand up to your mind than have you face a real demon, they had no rules about what you decide is best for you.
    – So once you understand what the mind is capable of let me put it into a practical example for you. You are currently experiencing physical symptoms and manifestations of what one would call ‘a demon or spirit attack’. One now assumes that it must be due to a demon, how else would I be able to create such experiences? Have you ever heard of psychosomatic transference of information? I realise that was quite a question, but basically what it means is that anything we create whether it has a physical source or not comes from some original reference point in the mind. Are you able to agree with me that in order for you as a baby to understand that you will burn your fingers on the hot stove you must either first be told about the consequences or you have to actually get burnt. Only then do you comprehend what it means to get burnt. Before then you were blissfully unaware that burning even exists. Now once your mind has that reference point it will forever feed your conscious state with information pertaining to the ‘burning’ experience. By this I mean that you will forever, even though it is not a conscious thought (meaning an actual thought you are able to ‘hear’ in your head), ‘remember’ that you must avoid all situations involving intense heat. Even then we are unable to stop ourselves from experiencing the occasional burn because we are all just here to experience ourselves physically. So what I am saying is that once we access information it then means that a situation becomes a clear threat and we are always accessing the information to ensure that we are able to ‘prevent’ it from happening. Now the mind has therefore got the most fascinating way of experiencing things that have been stored in it’s memory banks even without you physically experiencing it. This all slots in with our minds ability to call forth from our memory banks anything it has ever stored as information. To you however it might not make sense but the mind has one clear objective and that is to understand the threat. Therefore when we collectively share information it lies dormant within us until we require it. We require having information surface because the mind literally experiences what it thinks about. Remember the saying you are what you think? This saying, simply put means that if you think something for long enough you start experiencing or becoming that thought. You will start adjusting yourself according to your thoughts. So now we have the mind becoming what it fears because it becomes what it thinks. Once the thought is that which once was a hidden fear, the mind will interpret the thought as an actual experience, therefore you will have the mind re-create the information that it has gathered from all the other universal minds.
    – So now we have the most interesting development. Your mind together with your boyfriends mind caused your minds collectively to access this one fear, because as soon as you add 1 + 1 you get two. Two minds circulating with the same fear of Ouija board repercussions and of the unknown and you have the minds creating the experience, as collectively it becomes all that the minds are able to focus on. Are you able to see how it works like the power of two or more? The more focus there is within one relationship, be it one person or two on a particular fear the more the mind will combine it’s efforts to create what it understands. So what the mind does is it bakes a cake. It throws together just like in basic science all the details that run together between the two minds and it will then according to the outcome create the most prevalent solution. The only problem here is that the human mind seldom has been taught how to overcome these manifestations which it so eagerly produces as it has been given only what we have allowed ourselves to be taught. Which when you look at our current situation in this world is not much or very effective.
    – So there you have two minds accessing universal fears, placing them together because those are the two most prevalent fears running between the two of you and using the information it has stored from the other universal experiences creates what you are experiencing now. You have manifested your greatest fear. Let me tell you something there are fears hidden so deeply inside the human psyche that nobody is willing to mention let alone explore. Why do you think religions shun spiritual things, only because our greatest fear is the unknown? What the mind is not able to control becomes it’s greatest fear. Therefore you are being told to go and see a councilor, not because people don’t mean well but rather because we are all to busy running away from our own fears to actually face them.
    – So what has occurred between you and your boyfriend is what we call a relationship entity. So often we see this occurring between two people who are connected with their minds, therefore creating mind outplays that are very interesting to watch. The two minds become like cake bakers; adding, mixing and baking all to produce results that not even you are aware of. All you experience are some of the results yet some are not as easy (as in this case) to identify. An entity is the creation of a life form which comes from the bringing together of two forms that merge to create a substantial amount of life. To beak it down into smaller bits: thoughts as we have them in our minds have their own energetic. This means they have linked to them a certain amount of energy which gives them power or value. The more you access one thought the more that original bubble of energy grows. Eventually you have a huge ball of energy floating around in the atmosphere connected to your mind. This is what is seen by us in the dimensions. Place two or more of those bubbles of energy pertaining to the same original thought pattern together and you create an entity. Entities are not spirits although entities are able to take on their own life force the more they grow and the more energy they contain. Therefore, what people call entities are not previously departed people they are actually thought bubbles that have taken on actual manifestations. So when two beings come together in a relationship you have many entities being created. All thoughts that exist as the original starting point for all participations in the relationship will bundle together in these energy balls. The more you create the bigger these bubbles become. Eventually both people in the relationship start participating and contributing towards this energy bubble as the relationship ‘grows’ and habits are formed. Eventually these energy bubbles end up like the baked cake. Fully grown with many different thoughts, participations and habits all in the form of energy and what do you have; An entity creation just like the cake that is able to stand between the two beings absorbing further thoughts as well as creating chaos in the relationship. Imagine for a moment like with the cake you have thrown in hundreds of thoughts and actions and words. Now you have this mass of information that connects the two beings together keeping them within this one pattern. It is able to be rather destructive in a relationship as eventually things just spiral out of control as neither being is able to return to the starting point of the relationship, because the entity keeps feeding you the same information. So that is currently what you have between you and your boyfriend.
    – The two of you have this entity that projects all your fears about the unseen, all your worries and keeps projecting the fears because that is what the hidden fears has fed it. For as long as you have been in a relationship it has been collectively feeding itself from the energetic bubbles each of you came into the relationship with: Which were all the hidden fears I previously mentioned. Now it stands as all the experiences you have had thus far as well as all you hidden fears about the outcome of this experience. Your mother will now tap into this energy and suggest what you probably fear even more which is to be called mad. You are not mad. However you are now faced with a very interesting choice. Understanding that between you and your boyfriend lives this entity creation of thoughts and fears you must now do something that will ‘break’ this entity. To do this I have a couple of suggestions.
    1. Firstly I would suggest speaking frankly to your boyfriend about what has happened. This way you immediately collectively make the decision that you no longer support this current mind creation. By stopping the fear you stop this entity’s energy. For more information on entity creation you should read Kryon’s article on entity creations (on our web site)
    2. So make peace with the fact that what you are seeing and feeling is what your body accesses as information pertaining to demon possessions (remember what I said about the information the body is able to access to experience the reality of a situation).
    3. Now realise that as long as you feed this entity and fear you will give it a longer existence. Speak to each other about how to face the situation. By denying it access to your reality you will take your power back.
    4. Don’t face this situation with anything but trust in yourself. We as the dimensions will assist you and we are asking that you realise you have to be realistic about what you are facing. When you experience this entity go take a walk in the garden and tell yourself all the facts relating to what is happening. Tell the mind that it is not real. Demons no longer exist therefore all that you are experiencing is the effects of you unconscious and subconscious fear, as experienced to by millions of other people.
    5. Now be aware that the mind has ways of ‘convincing’ you that it is right. It is after all the mind, therefore you are more tempted to listen to it. Trust me your mind is actually just doing what it has been programmed to do therefore if you tell it to stop with enough conviction it will do so.
    6. The dimensions will assist you to clear this entity, you just focus on not allowing it more energy.
    7. Laugh with your boyfriend about what you have experienced. Remember the more you laugh about your fears the better because then you are proving to yourself that you are able to overcome them. You have now been given choice – use it.
    8. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into mind games as projected by so called possession experts. If you allow them to they will convince you that you have a demon in your house. They would like to hold onto this fear because it makes more sense (apparently) for us to be afraid of the unknown then push ourselves beyond this and take back our power. Even the most well meaning people will try and convince you to remain enslaved to this particular belief because it is all they know. Imagine the shock we have had to face when we tell people that demons are no longer. People would rather still have demons as anguished souls floating around then have them released. It is strange because it is almost as if nobody actually cares enough to see these beings released. They would rather keep demons in that application as a part of their personal entertainment. Ask yourself this. If demons are no longer would people still be fascinated by them? So many people will fight tooth and nail to remain convinced that it is impossible to have demons released, instead of looking at how we have placed our need for entertainment over the well fare of another being. Also beings are not so quick to want to see how the mind sees things because then it would be the shock of most people’s lives to realise that what we experience is all just a creation of the mind.
    Keep a clear mind. Remember that you are the director of your life. Take charge of this situation. You do not require potions and prayers, just clear thoughts and a strong will. Stay in contact. We will keep an eye out for you and we will assist with the clearing of this entity.

  3. Just so that everybody can see what demon possession looks like: I get sent many of these e-mails. This is what the Jesus demon looks like and I have included my response to the person who sent me the story of their possession:

    “My Name is Barnabas a name That i recieved yah hmm

    YOu People!!

    u need to Cast That Demons OUT of YOU

    In The Name Of JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!

    i have experience demon possesion 3 times

    and the only name
    That All creation must bow down too
    is Jesus Christ The I AM
    The Holy Spirit
    God The Father
    in One

    only in that name
    Only in that name will
    will you be FREE

    In His Name i was Free indeed

    but you must repent of your sin
    ask forgiveness
    for gave others
    and forgive yourself

    im telling this for your own good

    YOu need God in your life

    everyones else word is from their own way
    which is from The prince of the Air
    The Old Lion
    Deceiving yet been decieve
    umm visist
    My churchs Website uhhh GYGLV and

    i have a lot to say but we have sermons dat can REALLY HELP YOU OUT!!!!
    it help me out a LOT Lots Of Lots yah

    Everyday is Battle
    Without Christ=lost battles=Lies,Sorrow,hate,loss,unforgiveness,weak,Lust,envy..etc
    But with
    Christ Jesus=Victory=Love,Joy,Strength,Hope,Peace,Forgiveness,Complete,Truth,
    The Blood of Jesus, and a whole lot more
    over all its Good

    GOd is Good

    i know Pain
    of no Hope not able to coop with anybody not able to be understood by others
    Lost,Dreams of Darkness, unable to control your body..etc and yahhh man

    but when jesus came in my life
    when i accepted Jesus
    and began a relationship with My Lord my Savoir
    I had victory in my Life

    I Gained so much from the Lord
    i think i misspelled dat word yahh

    I want you to Go and Read The Holy Bible
    read the word for yourself
    if You have a hard time reading the Bible then ask Jesus
    Please Help me read your word
    and God will reveal His Truth to you

    dont listen to that Voice which says Dont Read the bible,or i dont want you to read the bible or any other voice or person that rebels against God and Hates him

    He Died on the Cross
    for all are sins
    so that we
    can Be Forgiven
    I trust my Lord i love Him very much
    He cared for me like other person can in the whole World

    here uhh are some scriptures
    dat is Good

    Matthew 3:11

    11 I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.12 His winnowing fan is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clean out His threshing floor, and gather His wheat into the barn; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”

    Acts 2:38

    Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

    John 3:5

    Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

    John 14:6

    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    Mark 16:15-18

    15 And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. 17 And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; 18 they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

    Yahh i like These Verses Ther Powerfull and have Truth

    hey why do you do this
    to yourself
    God has forgiven you of your sins
    He Bled,He Suffered,and He Died
    Just for you
    so that you can Live
    God said I Love you so much so much
    Please Come to Lord
    he is waiting for You
    with Milk,Honey,Flowers,Youth,Passion,Care,Hope,Strength,and Love even more

    Just Come Me says the Lord
    i am waiting for you”

    My response:
    Barnabas this is the demon that you are currently possessed with. he says that as long as you play the game of Jesus he will fuck with you in your mind. As long as you fear him and all other demons he will find a place inside your mind. Demon possession is on the increase especially the Jesus demon. Quite entertaining to watch. Look at the key words he used like: must bow down and deceive and everyday is a battle. You are welcome to respond to this with more examples. The demon says he fills your head with all kinds of words and opinions everyday.

    So now that you have allowed yourself to finally be possessed by your mind as the Jesus demon, what are you going to do? Jesus demon tells me what he makes you do is preach to other people and then they start imagining what it would be like to experience ‘Jesus’ (which is the demon inside you) and then they too create a mind demon called Jesus Christ.

    A word of advise from jesus Christ (the demon): he suggests use common sense: If the ‘real Jesus’ were here would he not be assisting all the millions of people and animals who get raped and tortured everyday? Instead you are playing with a demon called jesus Christ while millions suffer.

    So perhaps demonic possession is more complicated then what you give thought and to assist yourself you have to develop common sense, which Jesus will show you (the demon) as he is shoving it in your face everyday

  4. At Desteni we have done a video on Demon Possession, in which we did an interview with a demon. Basically to assist you in understanding demonic possession: The Demon takes over the MIND of the beings as who they have become. In the example above you can see that this man is obssessioned in fear with Jesus and demons and playing saviour – therefore he has manifested a ‘mind demon’ which he now perceived is himself, while the demon will push him into full manifestation of that which he fears.Here is a link to the video:

    For questions please join us on the forum:


  5. Here is a transcription of the video mentioned above:

    23 Nov 08 Demons
    An Interview done at Desteni with: The New Demon:

    There are two different manifested representations of ourselves that we are currently – in the physical, to show that we are here and done and that we are already in movement and motion. We will primarily be coming out in certain expressions that are a ‘door opening’ which will be a beings primary point of deception – through which we will be stepping forth in our fullest measure. The words and statements of the demons are coming through humans more and more. Children are assisting us with physical designs of our manifestations – according to being’s greatest fears. People will be able to see us step forth in the actual manifested form of their fear and what is involved within it – and that point will possess them entirely.

    Everything within mind possession is manifested as one and equal as what you are – meaning: this is who you are. It is not just one point of yourself, but everything of you incorporated. Everything of you is taken over in one point. We are currently busy with a few ‘fine tunings’. We do not want to be dependent on an opening and are therefore directing beings within their realities at one point and then accordingly take complete control. This will be the real demon reality as full manifested demon possession and not the ‘invincible’ demon reality as it is now – where people pretend to be good people while hiding behind the true natures of themselves. We will also be playing with the ‘good natured’ people – those who have a belief of themselves as: ‘good’.

    We will be tantalising these people and bring them to the point of their self deception and self dishonesty as the real hidden nature of themselves – full blast. We will be throwing out the bait and these people will catch the bait. Though this we grow and we move as and with that, and in one moment it will be a complete take over and then the being is gone.
    This is a brief description of the history of the future of the demons here on earth saying: Hello, hell on earth has arrived.

  6. Andrea
    I will keep my story very short and would love to hear your comments on it. English is my second language so please don’t grammar or spell check me. I am the youngest of 4 children, from a stable family, parents still together to this day. From an early age, about 8 – 9 years old I started to realize that there are more in this world than what the eye can see. Coming from a traditional Christian family there was not really an opportunity to talk to my parents on the subject of spirits or ghost. But my interest grew and I started to read books provided by the church on the dangers of the occult, Satanism etc. Well these books just triggered my interest more and more. I started to try and communicate with the unseen presence I just knew were with me, but couldn’t see or hear but to no success. In the pre-teen years I had a very limited ability of “knowing things” without any knowledge of the facts before hand. This was sometimes very funny and as a boy a cool skill, but it was very limited.

    At about 15-16 I turned rebellious, with all the things going with it as a teenager. Well as a boy coming into his teens, the sex drive thing started to develop. With it there was always the knowing that there is something with me, but I could never see it or hear it, just knowing it. As a crazy teenage boy I thought it would be a cool idea if I try to get these unseen beings to have sex with me. Well I tried many tricks in the book, but nothing. My rebellious life style continued into going into university, where soft drugs started to come in, dagga and sniffing petrol and glue. I and my friends did it a lot together, and I also sniffed a lot of petrol alone. Well it was a morning like all the other mornings when I woke up to go to class (after an hour of sniffing petrol the previous night), no different than the other that I realized something was seriously wrong. There was a voice in my head a clear voice of a woman. Well I lost it, to suddenly start hearing a voice in your head, from nothing is very very disturbing. In one sentence I can describe the next 4 years – my life tumbling down into darkness, lost everything, stopped studies etc. This thing in me drove me and was in control of me. What the voice wanted was sex, day in and day out, but it was just a voice, nothing physical happened.

    Out of the blue on night, I had this knowing that I am going to die and that I have less than a month to life. Then with courage I don’t know where I got it decided to quit the drinking and petrol sniffing. I called my dad, I fetched me in the city, took me to a rehab. After a month in rehab I started a new life, when back to university, finished a post grad. But the voice was still there, but a lot more timid. I actually made the decision that I want to live, and to live I need to function and the only way I could function is not to fight the voice but to work with it, to build relationship. Well after that decision, the voice slowly but surely became calm as well and a relationship developed. It is at a point now where I can listen or not listen, respond or not respond. Well, with this “building relationship” with the voice in me, came another dimension, and this you can edit if you want. Something started to touch me, again very gradually it developed, and it is like an electrical current in my genitals. Well when this started it could have also driven me crazy again and the edge was near but I didn’t fell off. I had the skill now, don’t fight it, work with it. Over the years the electrical current and caressing got strong and stronger. This current and caressing is all sexual related. So in a nutshell I have full blown sex with something out there to a full orgasm.

    I am now 36. This story is trying to do the impossible, to even summarize the experiences I had from 9 -37 will take volumes and volumes. Why am I writing this, maybe just to talk? I am a professional now, with a professional job, married and one child. But at night when all is quite at home something climb on me and have sex with me. The electrical current is with me 24/7, never far from my focus.

  7. hi:) i experienced a lot of weird things in my life time but this one ,that i m about to tell you about, freaked me out and took me almost a year to get well again.just for your information ,now im 28 yrs old.and almost 8 yrs ago i played oujia board i played it alone in the morning .i asked a few questions and then i said bye It said no ,i repeted a few times bye ,but still refusing to go away so i trowed away the board on the bed .i wasn t sure what to do,i was a lil bit afraid so i took the board again and without any concentration the triangle started to move fast .so i said please leave ,you don t belong here ,go back where you came from ,after few minutes .it left me,it said that time i was with some haitian guy he was saying to me that i made a pakt with the devil and shit,that was a long story of my life to :(i did some thing that i would never do i was feeling like it wasn t me who had contol of my life at all.
    but the reason i m writing to you is because a lil bit more than a year i experienced something really F up!!!for most of my teenege years i smoked some weed i tried some other drugs .but it really starded to getting weird when i was taking speed every weekend .i was sitting in the basement and for a few seconds i forgot every thing when i was getting concious of that i didn t know what was happening to me ,i was feeling sick i just wanted to trow up.but i don t know if that was really something .I lost concious once .i stopped taking speed becose i was feeling that something bad going to happend to me ,so i was just smoking weed .one night i got into some verbal fight with my husbend it was really bad.when he came at 11 pm form his work it was still not really comfortable atmospere ,so he was in the other room ,doing some things .sudenly i starded to have that sick feeling that he s gonna come and jack me with knife i was like this is some real bull shit what the hell is wrong with me it s impossible ,i couldn t control that thinking … didn t stop there,a few seconds later i got that realistic feeling that in the few moment i will hear a voice ,i can say that it was like puting a nedel tru a paper ,that s the way i can explain it to you .i was like siting there and my head was like going on the side to finaly hear what ever it was.but i controled myself and sudenly i was like i think that i dont wanna hear it, i said out loud no no no i don t wanna hear anything ,and it go away ,i was feeling fine.a few days later i was trying to fall a sleep and i couldn t ,i was layin in my bed .i think i was almost sleeping when i saw in the corner of the room ,something human posture it was light yellow orange…without a head and moving his hands in his way to come to him i was freaked out i starde to pray to that fear would go away,i was feeling relieved for a few moments but the fear came back.i was crying and i din t tell anything to my husband .it continue days later i was feeling really bad in my head .i was feeling the fear once that i din t wanted to go out of my bed i was feeling like some force was tryin to get in to my body tru my belly it was after some time i decided to go to the hospital ER.for some help before i loose my mind,i knew it was becose of the drugs but it wasn t only that…..i spend the night in the hospital becose there wasn t any psychiatryst at that time ,in the morning i saw the doctor .we ve been talking about what was going on with me and there was times that i was feeling some thing going tru my body like something vibrant a few times it was making me cry .and the doctor asked me if that was something good or bad,i was really confiused at that point ,but anyway at the and of the conultation i was feeling so relieved i was feeling so light so happy full of life and energie .the doctor said you are not sick you just have to take 1 mg of risperdale and don t talk about any thing that we ve talked about .i stared to take the pills ,but it not stoped there the same night my good feeling that the doctor gave to me was getting away .i stared to be paranoid .once i was in my bed and it was happening in the day time i had some fake tree ,i saw some invisible wind going on the tree and i saw the leaf moving and hear the noise of to at the same time some little boy was laughing….my reaction was like O…K….i dint freaked koz i know it was only me who heard it .another time i was over my parents house and i wasn t looking at my mother direcly but from the side of my sight i saw my mom s face deforming i just calmy said good bye to my parents and left .i was amazed by it and confused at the same time i was feeling the presence like it was next to my head ..i think that im going to leave you with only this information ,coz it s more to it .but still i know that it is becoze of the drugs but nobody can say it to me thet is only that, there s more to it. there s powerful GOD and the good doctors that helped me to get tru it and my weak side of self destruction at the same time the evil that pushed me to get to that point in my life where i just wanted to die ,just finish my dayz ….my explenation is that only way that i could stop taking that shit wuz by making me freak out when i saw that somebody without the head ,i asked a doctor some questions but she just said to not think about the past and i m sure that she believe in that kind of thing but she just can t discuss it like that with the patients it s against the doctor law or what ever …:) today i m feeling great ,working and taking care of my child ,like a normal mother should :)ok bye see ya 😉

  8. Hi. I have been havin demonic nitemares 4 a few yrs. I thght it was cuz my loss of faith. They hav gottn worse very recently n now i believe tht thr is an evil spirit possessing my kids. I tell it 2 leave and pray but the weird evil thngs kp happening.

  9. Charles Angelella

    Andrea, I am trying to write a fictional, yet factual novel about demonic possession and I would like to speak with you one on one for some more details. Can you please e-mail me if you agree? Thank you.
    Charles Angelella

  10. I am most certainly in need of help. I have experienced everything that you have, minus being thrown around. Please email me:

  11. please can u give me advice what to do. i read ur story, im a budhist and my exis full on evil and harassing me- ( demonic oppression it’s called) all my relationships were ruined by him, ( energetically) so i refuse to date again (it’s been 2 years and i am not kidding i know there is no point- the demon will just mess it up cause he sees me as his possession) i get lucid nightmares where i’ve been raped, suffocated in the arms of evil, and semi-possessed twice ( felt like part of me was fighting this evil it was terrifying- tried to make me doubt god and levitate) ( i commanded the demon to leave in the name of god and it works everytime) anyway i want to help my ex- and me – as it’s ruining our lives…im 37 and my life has been a nightmare..he lives far from me ( but we communicated on email/ twitter) and like i said he is pure evil,he sees past present and my future,can easily hack into my emails and fb ( i gave up on passwords) and if i forget to pray at night – the thing will try to possess me or give me nightmares. i’m very spiritual now – ( buddhist) i meditate and pray all the time ( my tibetan teacher ( rinpoche) told me to pray to a buddha for the both of us and i do all the time. but i don’t know if my ex was born evil – or is possessed or what. he’s kind of famous now too… please tell me what’s going on what i can do ? thankyou.

    • I suggest join me on the Demonology Forum – however realize that no prayer or religion will assist you. You are working eher with firstly your own pre-programmed design and the self possession you have created based on your fear of your past relationships. Therefore on the forum I will assist you with taking self responsibility for yourself and your life as the total design of how it has manifested thus far and how you are creating further layers within your experience based on fear of the past.

      by the way

      I dont work alone. I work with a group of people who have all had extensive experience with demons and the afterlife. I have been demon possessed myself years ago and have therefore had to face myself within the entire point and subsequently have worked many years with assisting myself and other in working through mind possession.


  12. Hey would love to chat with you about this.I am possessed by the Holy Spirit which is defiantly sounds like a more positive expierence than what you went through.I am so interested in hearing more.Please email me!

  13. I eas raised christian nut have the ability to sense certain thongs. Nut jrre lately o have been having disturbing dreams. Such as satan syanding over me. My parents also curse my new found marriage statimg that it will b hell. Im starting to wonder if im demon possesed because even the mention of God gives me chills. Can u help?

    • Hi Dejha,

      What you are experiencing is a symbolised expression of your fears and anxieties especially in relation to what you have been brought up to believe in your culture, religion and family. I suggest please join me on our demonology forum – so that I may explain more and assist you in how to become aware of yourself within how you created this and what the symbols represent.

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