4:52 : “It seems that, if Christ died for your sins and you still keep sinning, it seems to be…[there seems to be]…a contradiction there that is very basic.” That statement teeters on nonsensical, and it is certainly illogical. It is not that Chris died to stop all sins; Christ died in order that our sins be forgiven. So, sadly, we continue to sin. There is no “contradiction,” let alone a basic one. Perhaps (most likely) this comment is not long enough to be clear. But think it through. 

My response: stop making up excuses



you are a schizophrenic why should anybody listen to you?

My response: and so are you. where do your thoughts come from that move around in your head all day? you dont know, dont care to find out and allow yourself to belief those thoughts, because you have accepted them since you were a child – conditioned programming. all humans listen to whatever program presents itself as thoughts – schizophrenics. or is the definition only valid for you if it is ‘scientific’?



knowledge is power you are suggesting knowledge cannot change people…… you are ignorant
My response: Yes you are an example of useless knowledge that is all bundled up in an organic robbot, that has no purpose other than to vent frustrations – you have no actual livable equal expression – therefore I say knowledge without practical application – useless. for example instead of ‘ranting’ about this video find ways of developing common sense so you are not spoon fed by the media as an information robot: and that is the point of the video

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