Light Workers and Common Sense

I suggest use common sense by showing that what they do is:

based on ‘hearsay’

and comes from books based on beliefs and the only reason they adopted and copied those beliefs from others, which they have not verified through I-Witness, is because it supports them:

feeling special and gives a way to excuse the fear they experience –

without taking into consideration:

that they have not tested the information practically, or seen the guides, source that repeat the same info to them.

If they were to present the solution one and equal to all, it would have no effects, just like it is having no effect now, because to present the rapist, war victim (etc) with light and love is merely a temporary feeling – this they can test for themselves – how?

Feel light and love for an hour, now go about your day and maintain that feeling – you would have to either extensively focus on it or find a career doing light and love stuff so you may feel light and love. This proving that it is subject to the one experiencing it within the light and  love application – it is not a practical, sustainable application equal for all people, of all races, all languages, all education levels – where all that is required is you here within the physical…


The minute something has to be applied within self according to a system it means it is a system design and is not permanent as self.

What is here within each already causing the abuse and manifestation of abuse in the world…is each human as the mind.

Thus suggest to light workers to stop looking for reasons and ways to ‘fix the problem’ by making stuff up – but start where the world problems originate – with each person’s mind – where we are REALLY able to see thoughts move, emotions/feelings, fears , desires etc. For a light worker to test their information they must be able to bring it back to the human as starting point. Last time I checked there was no light and love generating machine within my head – but there are the thoughts, feelings/emotions, fears, reaction that start within each human and manifest in world events. Why look further than the origin point?

To attempt to explain world events and human nature away to: light and love imbalances is therefore a projection through which somebody had to make stuff up and sell it through making it sound nice – because where else could light and love possibly cause man’s thoughts (that even the light-weenie experiences) to manifest the level of abuse that is here?

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