In response to people who are angry because beings are not the same when they cross over at death

A comment was made on  a DesteniProductions video, sayng that we are ‘blasphemous’ for ‘portraying’ Anton La Vey, as he is now in the Interdimensional Existence – the fact that he is no longer a personality – defined as he was here on earth, acccording to who he thought he had to be to support himself in this world.

My response:

To add: people who consider these interviews: blasphemous, are the ones who require Anton as he was here on earth, to support them in their ‘personalities’. Look at it for yourself – people, who require dimensional beings to be as they were here on earth, are saying that they have to follow a personality, without actually standing up in common sense themselves. People who follow others just to find that they are different in the afterlife – are shocked – because now you see that Anton was a mind system attempting to find reason – just like you are trying to find reason and purpose and direction, without giving it to yourself. I mean Anton is explaining from the afterlife that he too realised what it means to support himself, without relying on beliefs, ideologies, personalities – and what it means to be self honest. You hold onto the old ‘Anton’ because the message is not what you are willing to face.  That is why you don’t want Anton or you to change.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the existence of ghosts and demons for my entertainment

I forgive myself for expecting people to direct me in this world, by creating them into gurus, leaders, masters

I forgive myself for not standing one and equal to all masters, guru’s leaders and using common sense to direct the world, by showing all as myself that we are able to direct ourselves

i forgive myself for allowing the experience of regret, when I lose something or someone – I realise that what I perceived I ‘lost’ was a part of a concept and idea I required to define myself through.

I forgive myself for using perceptions and ideas to create myself through, because I could not live with myself or face who I have become – and through following others as the idea they represent – it allows me to feel special and powerful.

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