Money and Self-Value

The current money system is based on a value-system of self.  Thus the way we participate with money and attempt to define self definition with money, is the reason why abuse is allowed – it has become an accepted system of ‘living’ within this world.’ to change the way we participate with money would then obviously start with our own self definitions, values and points of separation will receive the money system in the colossal way it stands now as acceptable.

How do we find out our value system?  Start with our day-to-day participations and see where we allow for energetic exchanges with people, experiences, and things in our world. Those same energetic exchanges is how we have come to design the money system on an un-seen level because over ages of time we have gone from energetic experiences to designing money to simplify and stand as an immediate energetic validation, as a buying of/exchanging according to the definition we have given ‘money’.

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