Sharing perspectives on Youtube comments: Ghosts, demons and jesus

Comment: I’ve encountered spiritual beings of many different kinds. In short it’s simple they either serve Satan and identify with him when you press it OR they work for JESUS. Having encountered demons there’s one common thing between them all. They ALL hate the name of JESUS and ALL KNOW that He is LORD of lords and King of kings and that He (JESUS not some impersonal own personal made up no name deity) BEAT THEM at the cross at cavalry.

My perspective:

In my experiences I have understood that the white light (the same construct you believe in blindly) created these visions of ghosts and demons so you may remain a slave to god and belief, without questioning. How did I test the validity as an example: I looked at how god and the white light beings speak of ghosts and demons and how you must stay away from satan… but would do nothing to assist them – indicating the deception that is god and religion. Also I see your comment is based completely on a god and satan you have never witnessed but only repeat information about from a book – this invalidates you speaking as if it is truth of what is really going on here.


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