My perspectives on Youtube Comments – Common Sense research

People who claim they see ghosts and trust that they send them off to a better place and that they understand Wicca.

My perspective: But you are not a dimensional being able to walk amongst the demons within the demon dimension and here, observing who was really presenting themselves to humans as guides/deities – just to survive off their energy – we have an interview with Jack – he explains either demons or white light beings directed people. In self honesty, you don’t see the beings as they are dimensionally who you believe ‘guide’ you. Have you gone to the summer lands or it is only a vision? POINT OF MY VIDEOS


Experiencing energy from others: Youtube Comment: ‘I can sense your energy even though you’re not close’

My perspective: Energy is created by the mind through polarity friction for the mind to exist and run as programs. Thus what you are experiencing is your own mind consciousness energy as you summon up an opinion about another that takes you into an ‘experience’ of energy – that validates your opinion.


Youtube Comment: ‘people like you are the followers of Satan and his demonic army’,

My perspective: due to this statement based in hearsay, your entire comment is now invalid, as you have proven yourself to only speak from a place of knowledge you have copied from other people – neither you or them have met satan or his army – thus it is a symbolic statement of your fear – you display – based on the fears of your parents and society. I suggest look at what you comment using basic common sense.


My perspective on Poverty: I suggest we start by looking at how we justify and support the current money system. To stop the money system as it is we have to look at how we have come to depend on and define our self worth through money – this is the self honest point each human must ask themselves – otherwise ‘being sad’ about these videos is useless. We have to consider how we have all co-created the money system as it is and self direct the way we interact with money – otherwise arguing about these images is just another front while nobody takes self responsibility —


My perspective on: Angels: Angels were programs created by the white light to keep you distracted from taking actual self direction within self-honesty. Thus they created beautiful visions and feelings you equate to angels. Look at it for yourself in self honesty – why do you think these angels can’t intervene and stop actual world events like murder, war – but only keep your mind in a bubble of nice feelings and pictures – been there – done that.

My perspective on a youtube comment about the ‘Christ experience’ Yes cool how the white light designed angels as mind creations to keep humans like you in a bubble of god consciousness while the world goes to shit – cool stuff.


Youtube Comment: ‘Of course fallen angels are terribly bothersome and evil and deceptive’ –

My perspective: oh experiencing some honest insight into your own nature, or again making up stories about fallen angels you’ve apparently, maybe witnessed. Suggest not posting stories as I-witness accounts when you know these experiences are based on feelings.


Ghosts/demons Perspective on a Youtube commenter saying we are more than likely delving into darkness by speaking to the deceased and that we should leave spirit work up to the professionals:

My perspective: ‘More than likely’ – yes your working with assumption. And tell me why don’t the ‘professionals’ do anything to stop spirits apparently lost on the earth plane – why dont they question god about the fact that he justifies leaving spirits until some egotistical human comes along to professionally ‘remove’ them – sounds lime god as man has designed him is spiteful. Look at all your excuses why this is allowed – all justification so humans may appear special.


Youtube comment saying I did not practice ‘real’ Wicca(in response to my demon possession videos in which I talk about practicing Wicca);

My perspective: but you’re assuming that Wicca is not practiced differently by some people – I copied this Wicca from a friend who went to Wiccan circles who learnt it from books – showing that religion is merely based on supporting your beliefs, your opinions, to make you feel special within your current personality.


Youtube Comment: people presenting common sense are satans.

 My perspective: so what your saying is people who have a discussion to present common sense are little satans, and that we should rather blissfully continue deluding ourselves into thinking: ‘the ideal of a benevolent all loving mind may be absent from the hearts of many but it does exist’ Yes Satan represents the point where you don’t accept beautiful words anymore and you stand up and face this world and take it apart to stop all deception – the opposite of beautiful gestures that mean nothing.


Youtube comment about ‘seeing evil in us:

My perspective: Common sense: evil has not been measured to actually exist, it is only a belief you have accepted – thus what does exist here is you creating this world through your desires. When you say to someone: ‘I see evil in you’ – I suggest look at yourself – and you will see that you are reflecting yourself back to you. Your mind though will protect you to not see what you create in this world through your self interest – and mirror what you do so you see it ‘as others being evil’


My perspective on a comment about enlightenment and religion: I suggest look at enlightenment and religion for yourself using common sense: the only reason why people don’t support themselves here in the physical as the breath in self honesty and self responsibility – is because they are afraid of taking responsibility, and would like to feel special because we’ve come to accept our minds and that we need to give ourselves some special purpose. Enlightenment gives you a nice feeling about yourself and diverts your attention.


My perspective on: ‘we must stop the polarity of bad by having only happy thoughts’:

And now you play the polarity game which creates energy for all the minds of the world to exist and function. The Polarity balance requires both polarities and that is what is used to keep world systems as world minds effective – create fear of death and people will go to the opposite polarity to try and escape – and then the opposite manifests as war and murder.


My perspective on a Youtube commenter saying to another: ‘bless you’.

 You want to be special and nobody is falling for it. Saying to someone: ‘bless you’ is like saying I’m turning you into a pumpkin now. You have about as much ability to bless anything, as you have the ability to stop the illusion that apparently by throwing random religious words around – people will experience themselves better. Have you tested your blessing abilities where it actually matters in the world (instead of here on youtube) – and stopped war, murder, rape?


My perspective on a question asked about ‘how does one know you are controlled by the sex system:

I suggest stop participating in sex and masturbation for a while, to see where and how your conditioned programming plays out – then you will see are you possessed by it – are you able to stop – are pictures and feelings involved. Sex I find is a long process of developing self intimacy and self trust. You stop by focusing on your breath and self forgiveness.


My perspective on a forum post about: Drinking/Drugs and now I am able to laugh:

I suggest let’s look at the point of for example: only laughing when you’re drinking or using drugs. How does one now take that point of laughing and working with the suppressions/blockages, so that laughing becomes you in expression no matter where or with who we are. What I did when I worked with suppression, expression and suppression of unconditional laughter, is I would randomly during me day, see if I was able to laugh or smile. In a single moment I would stop, focus on me, and see if I am still enough, quiet enough to laugh. From inside of me welled sadness instead. Now I realised by allowing me to go into the point that was at the core of the suppression – that I was hiding the experience of myself which of course was the experience of sadness with regards to: I looked further into me and allowed the point to present itself. I became angry, I became overwhelmed with thoughts of feeling ‘done in’, feeling ‘not heard’, feeling not considered. Now I was able to look at where and how had I participated in the idea and manifested experience of myself on an emotional level – in these ‘experiences’. From the where and how – I was able to see in which situation did my lack of common sense, consideration and no effective self direction – result in the situation as me experiencing myself as being compromised. I looked at how to approach situation from within consideration for myself and others – not just how I want to experience me.


My perspective on a Youtube comment about the portal being unisex and that she should stop and be a ‘woman’

No she is not a unisex person. If you look at ‘female and male’ expression the only reason they exist is to draw in the opposite sex through subtle manipulations, symbology and Innuendo’s – all of this to create desire and finally to get sex. If you look at our day to day expression – there is no way we need ‘female’ or ‘male’ expression. Sexual expression also does not require of the one to express programmed body behaviour – as what does that actually do for the one expressing themselves? To justify that males have to act male and females have to act female, is to say that one requires trigger behaviours that links in with pictures and desires you have connected to sex –


My perspective on: a youtube commenter saying: ‘we should stop telling people there is more than conscious thoughts and that he is fully in control of his physical and his thoughts’:

As example: you only experience your conscious mind, the thoughts you see moving and the things you do consciously – where those thoughts come from and why they direct each one differently – you don’t see – this would be looking into the subconscious, then unconscious mind which is how all minds of the world connect. ‘The Physical does things for you’ – again you don’t see because you don’t see within physicality as dimensionality – you’re only aware of us being subject to reactions within physical.


 My perspective on a Youtube commenter asking about system designs – is mental illness also specific designs?

All system designs are relevant to the design of the world as it is. Also we have found that some ‘physical/mental dysfunctions are due to the physical not being able to handle these systems or disintegrating at an old age from the systems feeding off the physical.


My perspective on Youtube comment: ‘Energy is sound’

Energy is for the mind consciousness system to exist – it creates energy through us participating in emotions that creates polarity friction. Energy is therefore a mind system and is how we have separated ourselves as a mind program. Energy is not sound. Sound is ‘wholeness’ of substance, one and equal to all parts – when the inside and outside is the same and not changeable or subject to ‘energy.’ Look at it for yourself – energy is limited – it has a beginning and end.


My perspective on a statement made to me on Youtube about: Money Comment:

Comment: Andrea Rossouw If we look in self honesty at the world problems, we will notice the majority of ways people experience themselves is due to money which has become our point of survival. So if we have an equal money for all system – it will already solve many of the problems. People are suppressed and angry because our existence here is that of survival and from there we accept ourselves as that – survival.

My perspective: yes James, I was talking to people yesterday about how different each person’s experience of themselves will be, if the way we grew up was not watching our parents surviving. This obviously results in the acceptance when growing up, that we to must go into the system and survive – and then we do the same by having children – haha. For example who would I be now, if I existed here without my past experiences being based on survival. Each of us know where we give value too ourselves through how we participate with money. How do you know somebody defines themselves through money and survival – suggest to them an equal money system for all – and they go crazy: ‘no ways.’ Question is why we would not want money and basic needs to be equally accessible to all, so that what remains is for each to live in self honest, self expression, rather than living to earn money…

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