Story by Win – Burma Activist Tortured to Death

This is Win, and I was tortured to death; my body so badly mutilated, slain, cut, electrocuted, hit, bruised, fragmented, that they ordered my body to be cremated, so that my family could not – or anyone else, for that matter – could not see what had really happened to me.

The infliction of pain on those that are tortured – such as myself – is far more
horrendous than of any words spoken, of what really happens to men that are tortured. Though, after my death – and I have crossed over – I have realized something, I have understood something: that there is no hope – that there is no hope to speak, to stand, to rebel, to oppose, to start a party, a movement against anything that we do not stand for. Our voices become but wisps of smoke, in the wind of the storm that are the governments of the world; our hands get chopped off, so that we’re no longer able to even handle our own lives; our feet get cut off, so that we’re not able to walk any longer, and stand by ourselves, as who we are – to state, to speak, to voice what we, as human beings, as living human beings accept and allow and what we do not accept and allow.

I have attempted and I have tried to make a difference, but to no avail, which,
inevitably caused my death – a torturous
one at that. One… there were moments that I
believed that I’d been sent to hell, then I thought that I would never die – until, I finally did, and, moments before my death, I just said, “Thank God”. Isn’t that
frightening enough, that one would pray for death? Isn’t there… how many millions and thousands of human beings, on earth, praying for death? Not dying, because the system of the world will not let them… have human beings suffer.

It is this system, human beings, it is the system of the world. What I have realized is that it will not help to start a movement, it will not help to start a resistance, it will not help to start an opposition, it will not help to fight, it will not help to voice. What is left, then? What is left, is each and every single, individual human being. If you know, and if you stand, by yourself, of what you will accept and allow, and, what you will not accept and allow, and you stand by that, no matter what, alone, individually, there will come a moment, when the world will stand together, individually, alone, as one, and say, “’til here, no further”.

Each stand alone, and that is what I realized, and, that is what I did not understand here. Because, the system sees a movement, it is able to suppress the movement very fast – because it is seen, it is revealed, it stands out – it is able to capture, imprison, enslave, torture, those that stand against the system of the world, that is trying to suppress the human beings that have voices to speak, that have a brain to know what they stand for, and what they do not accept and allow.

Therefore, have a look… if each one in the world stand alone, within their own homes, alone, individual, and stand on what you will accept and allow and what you will not accept and allow… now that makes a difference, because, here, the system cannot do anything, because you are alone, you’re standing individual, all across the world, all over the world. But, I’m not talking now about individual systems of government, I am talking about the entire world.

Make a list. Make a list of what is going on in this world. Make a statement of who you are, what you see, what is going on. Where do you stand within yourself? Where do you allow the system to suppress you? Where do you allow the system to influence you? Do not accept or allow that. Stand.You have a brain, you have a voice – of yourself. Make a statement of who you are, for yourself – for nothing or no one else, not a country, not your children, not your family, not education, not the government, not the people of the world – they must realize that they must stand alone, an individual – as you must. If you stand… if you just… if you stand alone of your individual expression, and, if each one just realize, if they just stand like that, we’ll have a whole world, standing. That will make a difference.

October 12, 2007

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