Consciousness is a Knowledge Construct

Fascinating the level idea–there is none–there was, no more–just on earth–consciousness is a knowledge construct that resonates as a structure of our combined allowances in the 3 mindphases–unconscious, conscious and subconscious–It is an entity created by the Annunaki that gave certain perametres as to what we are, how we feel and what freedom is–the greatest trick–allow free expression–yip – like the child being raped at 6 months old – consciousness in action–superconsciousness calls it choice by the child and some higher force, but won’t stop to consider the responsibility we each carry within all that happens on earth–and earth is all we have.

I had a run in with the Universal mind–a mean bugger of a system–much written about it as some divine force–the only divinity it had is the life-essence given by those that abdicated responsibility for free choice–choice as a polarity also only exist in consciousness–in fact, where we come from, we are far less than divine and not eternal–to believe you are eternal is a daydream that the mind and consciousness creates with ease.

Each human had a suit that was used as dimensional access–all dreams, meditations, love, divine experiences, feelings etc anything you can imagine, was implanted there to make sure we lose ourselves in bliss and nirvanna–accepting diversity as unity–that change quickly when we are on the receiving end of this polarity called consciousness

In the run in with the universal mind, one of our cousins was highjacked at gunpoint by 4 men on drugs with guns and driven in the suburbs–they said to her–we are going to rape you and then shoot you–when I received the call, we tried the police–they could not help–in fact no-one could–I asked Veno to act–the dimensions then integrated into the beings and scrambled their mind and resonances–they lost their grip in reality and the girl escaped unharmed–We traced the source of the gridline placement–see then all was preprogrammed in gridlines and got to the program that placed the event–the Universal mind–Its justification–we must understand that 3d is a dangerous place and it wanted to teach as a lesson–suffice to say that the Universal mind is no more but a figment in the imaginations of some beings in 3d–for a while we are going to have that–all beings from 1 year old are preprogrammed–experiences, lifepath, choice, friends, events, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, all preprogrammed–obviously we do not want to belief this–and in fact no belief is necessary–we knew that when we intervened–thus we realized that few will be able to shed the consciousness structure–it is infused and addictive and give one a sense of power when you play its game–so, the children coming in will be the new world–the rest will virtually all eventually leave–on crossing to the dimensions, all will be known–but knowledge is useless–thus a process begins to understand self expression as equality and one–thus–total revelation, total openness to all–you see, only consciousness gets bored and fear boredom–the truth is unspeakable

Category: Education

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