Masters and Spiritual Guides in the World System

Anu realized that he couldnt be everywhere all of the time. He required a system placement as himself. So, thats what the White Light was. The White Light was a system placement of Anu.

Then, of course, he had his guards and his appointed ones, which were usually called Masters (yes, these are the same Masters that channels used to channel). The Masters were the ones in charge of the White Light; and also, for instance, when a human being died and they crossed over to the Dimensions. Anus guards were the Masters. The Guides were also guard manifestations.

The Guides basically guarded human beings to make sure that they dont deviate off of the placement of their consciousness systems within them, to make sure that they remain a consciousness system and dont discover any truth of their existence (because imagine if systems found out that theyre systems and not actually life, that life is not actually who they are–yeah, its strange). So, that was the Guides, that was their placement.

Then, the Masters were those that made sure that–when the beings crossed over with their Guides–they are directed effectively, either for reincarnation or placed in dimensional planes, which is called the ascension process or enlightenment process (a form of attainment or progression of some sort). It [ascension/enlightenment process] was to keep dimensional beings busy, because there were more dimensional beings than human beings on Earth. So, Anu had to find a way to keep the dimensional beings busy, which was through the idea and perception of ascension to experience Heaven.

He made everyones life shit–Earth, human beings, dimensional beings–so bloody low and worthless and hopeless that theyd want to attain to an experience of a Heaven, or to be with a God. Im certain thats the main reason why everyone wants to go to Heaven, because this world is Hell. Thats how human beings were designed–and its not only human beings, dimensional beings as well–hopeless, worthless, inferior, so that you are able to take the bait of wanting to go to some Heaven, et cetera.
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