Reptilian God on Ascension, 2012 and the Future of the World

The discussions, the primary discussion that is developing within this reality/ this world that has been discussed – for quite a while I’d say – is the end of the world, 2012. [Laughs] ok

Let’s look at this [bursts out laughing] (…) Ok 2012 end of the world which is the, apparently some believe that [Laughs] that they will ascend to higher planes and they will somehow be enlightened and exalted from the state that they are currently in. Oh there are many perspectives, many different believes about this here that is coming which is 2012 [Laughs] which is, what else is there, aliens from other planets existing with HUGE spaceships. God some people even believe Christ is coming.

Now its fascinating because 2012 has been transformed into another religion, each one with his own belief, his own idea of what will finally happen in 2012, here’s a common sense point. Let me look at yourself, you yourself can’t even change in, at all, you can’t even in a moment consider yourself in what it is that you are existing as at this very moment and actually maybe consider changing because, you realize and you see what it is that you are actually really doing, inside yourself, towards yourself and towards another but you know but that’s a point of what do they say? love? where one being actually considers another, where one being consider themselves in a moment with another as they exist within this world/ this reality, where beings actually consider the Earth on which they walk, they actually consider the food that they eat that nurture their human physical body that sustain themselves to exist in this reality/ this world, you do not even notice, you do not even see nature, the animal kingdom, the universe, this existence, it is but a background image in your world, in your reality therefore love does not exist and if love does not exist you do not exist – that’s why you cannot change, that’s just impossible.

Now there are beings that believe that some saving grace will come in 2012. Look at this physical manifested reality, this physical manifested world – it is very much physical which is very much manifested – and if there were beings that randomly, constantly and consistently ascended where all of a sudden they were physical
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