Democracy and the Beast part 1

31 October 2009 – DemoNS(are)Craz(c)y – (Democracy): Part One Text

Okay, So This-Point Is, About: The Mockery Called Democracy. In Establishing the Parameters we´re going to look at the Whole-Mockery and How it Relates to Demons that´s Crazy, which is the Way Democracy Runs: Demons that´s Crazy. Now the Specifics of Demons and How they Acted in-Existence, is as Follows: They were Corrupt and they Corrupted others. Their Principle Purpose was to Get-Human-Beings to Believe-Them, and – to Share the Human Energy with The Demon. That they had to do by Getting the Human Mind to Recognize The Demon as Friend and Not as Foe. That´s Very-Interesting, because – that is What Our Democracy Politicians Do As-Well with All their-Followers: Making sure that they Believe they are Friends and Not-Foes, and – thus they Corrupt the Follower to Believe that the Promises-Made Will be Fulfilled which is Exactly the Same-Way The Demon would Convince the Mind, and I mean – you Must-Understand, that: The Human-Being does Not-Exist. The Human-Being Exist as a Mind in a Multi-Dimensional Reality. Therefore The Demon could Penetrate the Mind through Many Realities without the Occupant of the Human-Body which is a Non-Functional, Ignorant, Bundle of Fear Called a Human Being, being Unaware of What´s-Really Going On in Anyway-Whatsoever, because – the Mind Confines the Occupant to a Very Limited Frequency Range of Perception that Moves at a Pre-Programmed Timed Designed Frame-Speed that do Not Allow-You to Even See What´s Really Happening in Reality at-All.
for full text see link… a presentation by Bernard Poolman for Desteni in the campaign for equality for all life

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