Destiny of Souls Book Review part 1

Destiny of Souls Book Review

Michael Newton has studied psychology, hypnotherapy and has developed his own regression techniques in order to take hypnoses subjects beyond their passed life experiences into their in between life experiences as souls in the spirit world.

The spirit world
This world is where souls go to after leaving the human physical body and reside between reincarnations into a life in a physical body on earth. In the spirit world anything can be created without limitation. For example souls can divide themselves infinitely in identical parts yet remain individual at all levels, similar to a hologram. The soul is described as an intelligent light energy being. In the book are different levels of souls described, roughly categorized from so called beginner souls at level 1 to advanced souls at level 5. The difference is life experience, which will show in the expression and can be described with colours. The world in between world the place where souls rejuvenate energy and evaluate lives lived to choose a next one for development as a soul. The souls merge from a brilliant white light, have a unique identity and according to their identity they are placed into existence by souls with this specific task. In the book the souls are described in colours corresponding to their level, from a pure white to a fully developed purple colour. These colours are to picture how the souls are in expression and not literally meant as the spirit world is not a place seen through the human eye.

Death, Grief and Comfort
The clients that are brought back to their lives as souls through regression are often emotional and vividly describe their experience of their life between lives in the spirit world. The life chosen is to transcend points that they have not yet transcended and develop as souls through many incarnations, learning lessons, gaining experience to become a more refined soul.
reviewed by Jorn Hardus from Desteni — see
desteniproductions for equality for all
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