Metaphysics is Deception – Darryl Video Response to BlissWeaver

All right, Point 1. Metaphysics is Deception. All of it. None of it’s been true. None of it has been proven true. None of it has any application to making this world a better place. It’s actually made things worse. Take the Inquisition, Slave Trading; all of these things were connected to religion, right? That’s a metaphysics.

The thing we abhor about metaphysics is that people, who subscribe to them, will make truth-claims and insist that those truth-claims, which are only “opinions,” that’s all they are, but these “opinions” take the place and stand as the “truth.” Nothing could be further from the Truth. It’s just an opinion, an opinion that has no evidence [of being true]. The same thing as a belief. A belief is just something “you would like to be true.”

Right, so we don’t have Desteni as an information source – we don’t want you to believe anything we say. We want you to study it, with an “open mind.” Just study it without an axe to grind. Read it, breathe, you know, and see what it says. I suggest that you do that instead of wanting to defend a point. If you go to the material with baggage that is your accumulated beliefs, opinions and assessments, and you go into our material wanting to
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