My Story of Desteni – A Journey to Myself

I had studied most religions, read many different books about who we are and how were supposed to evolve, I had been involved in ‘Spirituality’ and ascension schools,
searching for the ultimate truth, the ultimate answer to this world out of which I could make no sense.
There must be something more to it, I was telling myself. I wanted to understand. I wanted to change the world.
I wanted to become a better person.
There had been a time when I did not question the implication of belonging to a select few that would apparently change the world. I wanted to be special.
Yet with the time and with no actual answers – I began to wonder, and I asked myself:
Why is it that although so many apparent masters are on earth, sharing their teachings and prayers, nothing has actually ever changed in this world?
Why is it that children are being raped, innocent people abused and murdered?
Why is it that spitefulness and manipulation has become the very nature of our being, starting from a very young age within our own families?
How can self-interest be more valued than life itself?
Why is it that half of the world is starving when there is more than enough food for everyone on earth?
How can God exist and allow this to take place?
Why isnt anyone really doing anything substantial about it all, and what can I possibly do?
And how come I am not even able to live in trust within my own family?
How come nobody is listening to anyone but themselves?
How come we live by beliefs which we havent even proven to ourselves, yet we fight and kill in the name of our beliefs?
Full text on forum at
a presentation by Bella Bargilly

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