1 . DEMONOLOGY – Darryl Interviewing Jack about Demons

Oh yes ok from that perspective. Ehm Andrea was a specific point. Maybe I should start with why, meaning how I got to Andrea. Let me start there because that will give a more background perspective with regards to my process with Andrea. It was interesting because throughout my process, or my experience Interdimensionally, before the dimensional process started, before the portal opened long, long, long before that I always knew where to go by seeing from the Interdimensional existence into the physical like a black spot, like a empty space, like a opening. I saw Andrea as that. For example Id see human beings as these white forms walking around with all their emotions, and feelings moving in and around them and that was all these various colours, all these long threads that were alive, that were squirming and moving inside them constantly and continually as they were think and generate these feeling and emotions. That you could see interdimensionally. At that stage it was more like a white form, within all these colours, squirming around. You could also change your vision interdimensionally into various different, lets call it formulas. You could set it to seeing systems, to seeing demons, you could set it to seeing energy, you could set it to seeing frequencies, you could set it to seeing either aliens, other planets, implants, you could also set it to seeing it all at once but if you did not know what to see and what to look for than everything would look like a huge mess, like the word mess is limited to describe what existed in human beings. It was fascinating to see human beings walk in such a normal state in comparison to what was actually really going on inside them.
That was due to the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the only platform area in which beings actually exist in this world, only existing in that area as the conscious mind allowed everything else that actually existed in them, the implants, the inter relations between the other planets and alien races and the systems and the mind etc, etc to kind of wreak havoc in their physical and direct everything else about them.
So Andrea I saw just as this black form. There was nothing, I didnt see anything or anyone else in such a black form in this world, so I knew thats where I had to go. Thats a point that kind of directed me throughout my experiences within existence that there were these empty spaced points and I just knew I had to go there, so that is how I ended up with Andrea
D: How did you know when you said you had to go there? What was propelling you to… get to that goal I guess?
J: Ok that point is an entire different discussion, at the same time, that is looking at process from a different perspective on the greater bigger scale. So we can maybe go into that in one specific interview.
D: What was special or different about something that was black like what you saw in Andrea?
J: Ehm let us say that I had a certain responsibility within existence. That point of responsibility was to get process with regards to all of existence equal and one to a specific point this point

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