Inner Turmoil, Conflict and Dishonesty – Portal 2

Lets look at thoughts Or, let me start with the following: In the beginning of the process, everything inside you thats going on–you know, the thoughts and the emotions and the feelings–as youre becoming aware of them, it might seem like a mountain. You know, kind of you standing back inside yourself, and youre looking at yourself, and these thoughts are just going–and the emotions and the feelings and the reactions–and you just see everyone inside your world, and your environmentand you just want to pull your hair out of your head because it seems like just too much.
In the beginning, some will experience this within themselves–as though their mind and the thoughts and the emotions and the feelings seem so big/so huge/such a vast amount–and this is where breath and breathing is so important. So, you take it literally moment-by-moment, because that mess inside yourself–with regards to the thoughts and the emotions and the feelings, and everything interacting, and the reactions, and the suppression–you just sometimes you look at yourself and you just go, [deep breath] Okay This is where breathing is so important.

You know, weve existed within this mess within ourselves for our entire lives; and therefore, taking it literally moment-by-moment/breath-by-breath, you literally slowly-but-surely disentangle yourself from this entire manifested mind system within and as you, which is–with regards to information, and how its been designed, and all the constructs–it is intricate. But, within you being here with you in every moment of breath and, you know, whatever comes up within yourself–you know, the thoughts and the emotions and the feelings–and you take direct responsibility for you in that moment, you’ll start realizing that what exists within you with regards to the mind as the thoughts, emotions, and feelings is not actually so big. It just seems so vast and so extensive because you havent realized you within it all yet; and what you see within yourself with regards to the mind and how its been designed as you, youve always only existed as that, youve always only seen that, youve always only been that, of yourself.
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People involved with Desteni at the Farm
Bernard Poolman, Esteni de Wet, Sunette Spies, Andrea Rossouw, Fidelis Spies, Cerise Poolman, Leslie Poolman, Gian Robberts
Several visitors have spend up to 4 months here on the farm living with us to see what we do and how the portal operates – For more info–join the forum

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