Structural Resonance Alignment, Drugs, Esoterics, Patterns and The Secret Mind

Youtube comment: Drugs assist with Esoteric experiences:

My perspective: Esoteric is an experience created by people within Mind Consciousness programming and dimensions – thus when you use drugs it allows you to go into your Mind and experiences the dimensions of the Mind – be self honest – where are all your Esoteric Experiences: In this physical reality with actual physical measurements? No – they all happen in the Mind – with the observer as director of their own experience – through Self-Interest.

Youtube comment: I don’t like your video because of…

My perspective Boy oh boy how the Mind has the tendency of diverting attention away from the actual point – to complete useless crap. I suggest look at how your mind wandered off and found excuses to ‘not like the video’ -see you have been conditioned BY YOURSELF to accept certain things as Valid – based on who you believe yourself to be within the world. Common sense requires of us to stop SELF gratification when we consider a point.

Desteni Forum discussion on: Patterns as Energy Surges.

My perspective: Patterns show themselves in various ways – the way we think, eat, feel, move, walk, talk, sleep – all points that make up who we are in every moment CONtribute to us as Patterns. Thus for each it might be slightly different but essentially we all exist as the same patterns. Energy for example is one pattern all humans participate in – in some way or another.

So the Question you could ask yourself is when did this experience start?
Why did you create it – meaning what was happening within you at that point – for you to allow the experience.

Do you see the point of standing one and equal as yourself – HERE – which means energy is not who we are – because we are here already? Thus energy movements are merely patterns we have already created within the past. It might have at some point contributed to you feeling a surge which assisted you in a moment in feeling good or it might have come from fear or pain – in which the surge of energy provided you with a sense of enlightenment or relief.

I suggest find the point where you created it and then stand Equal to the point of yourself within stability – to do this I suggest Self Forgiveness on the points through which the patterns was created e.g.: the fear or the need for upliftment – until you remove the point with SF until you Remain here constant.

Desteni Forum question: Do we think astrology is relevant now?

My perspective: Here is a link to an article written by Alice A. Bailey on The Astrology of Heaven in the times of Revelation

From the Article you will notice that astrology was a chart to show how one’s life fit into and plays a role within the greater unified field design. I suggest watch the videos on Mind Consciousness and the Unified Field. Also take a look through our FAQ on this topic.
Now the gridline placements for each being within our pre-programmed design was removed from within each person. The gridlines within earth according to which each being experiences their lives and moved within this world – was removed. All pre-programmed designs such as blueprints were removed. Now what is left is how we have all already accepted ourselves to be The Mind – because we have already conditioned ourselves to live as Patterns. So what you will find now is that people are not directed through pre-programming any longer. This will obviously have an impact on points such as Astrology because now you won’t have the usual reference points to work with within the Unified Field and the Gridline structures. Each being although still acting out conditioned Patterns will start acting according to two points (I am using basic common sense to write about this) – either beings will allow themselves to become more consumed by their nature –which means humans will become more corrupt, more self centered – remember this is the nature of man – and what we accept and allow within ourselves has a consequence – of which the consequence is we become what we accept – Oneness and Equality.

The next point is people who start applying themselves according to what is best for all – and in this realising that we are to stop our accepted self conditioning to stand one and equal to life.


My perspective on: The Secret Mind and dreams:

This is the Secret Mind – and the secret mind influences your conscious and subconscious thoughts – in how you will actually go out and participate with woman. So I suggest with the Secret Mind to do SF on these points because they are not just out there – happening in your dreams – but an actual part of your mind that runs in the back ground which contains the unspoken desires and hates and needs.
If left unchecked I found the Secret Mind will influence you and months down the line you meet a girl/guy and next thing you are suggesting rape games or mating games to her – without you even realizing what you are doing or where it is coming from. And because you were willing to suggest it to her – you see it as acceptable or normal – as a point of ‘I directed this thought it is MY self expression’ This is the Secret Mind directing you – because these are the points we are afraid of yet desire at the same time – because we are addicted to the rush, the abuse, the fear.

I suggest look inside yourself and look at the points where you are secretly addicted to fear, submission, domination, fantasies, role playing, love games, relationship constructs (you belong to me/I belong to you) etc – these will indicate to you where you have already accepted the Secret Mind by allowing certain aspects to already exist within your day to day life and how you communicate with people or how you would act in a relationship.

Youtube comment: Why exist in the physical, when who we are is ‘the soul.’

My perspective: The soul as you understand it – was a pre-programmed white light placement. I suggest read through our FAQ on the Desteni Forum. Right now we exist as the Mind consisting only as that which we have been pre-programmed as. Thus to amalgamate with Substance as all that is, we stop the Mind of programs and amalgamate ourselves here with the Physical Reality. So those who continue to exist in the Mind will not amalgamate with life as all that is.

Instead you will after death remain in your bubble of thoughts as your thoughts – see the physical is not thought or mind. Therefore after death we either remain here within the physical reality, as substance – or you remain in your Mind reality as your thoughts. The physical reality is already showing us what we have become one and equal to by allowing us to completely become the mind – this you can see happening in the world. This happens because nobody is willing to take responsibility for themselves, stop their self programming as that which we accept ourselves to be – our thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, attachments, judgments, desires, wants, self interest. Once we amalgamate with life – we stand as Equality and Oneness – because by stopping the mind you realise yourself as one and equal to this physical reality.

Then you understand that self honesty brings you to a point of standing equal to what you allowed. This purification through self forgiveness allows us to see ourselves as Life. Life is not the Mind – and the physical reality is showing us the consequence of existing within the Mind. We all tacitly agree to exist here as the mind – thus we all agree to disregard what is real – which is the physical reality – I mean look at it – we have separated ourselves according to the ideas and values we created with our minds. In the physical reality nothing is more than or less than. Life does not regard anything more than or less than – so man has a long way to go before we grasp life. Until then we walk the consequence of our separation from what is real.

Youtube comment; We will solve the world problems with vibrations and energy.

My perspective: I suggest look at the experience of vibrations for yourself. You create it because you read or heard about it somewhere and how it makes the participant FEEL GOOD and decided you wanted to participate in energy and vibration. You are not Life yet because you are subject to having to create and participate vibrations and energy. None of us are life – because if we were – we would not be subject to some grand experience that makes us FEEL SPECIAL. I suggest develop some common sense. Instead of walking the road of Self Responsibility – you want to experience only what will give you that energetic rush of good feelings. The feelings that come from saying to people – look at me I have a certain vibration about me – and the other person goes wow – you’re so in tune with yourself – and they leave you alone. That is why higher consciousness and spirituality and light and love exists – so that NOBODY has to actually become self honest. I mean you immediately ASSUME that the world problems are due to a lack of Live vibrations – REALLY? When I look at the world problems I see it is a DIRECT OUTFLOW of what happens when the humans who exist here CONSUME and LIE and DECEIVE and exist in their MINDS where they create FEEL GOOD ENTITIES – that tell them how special they are – while the world reflects what we really accept and allow. You proclaim Love – yet you conveniently immediately say well all I have to do is focus on vibrating and my energy – while you continue to contribute to the world as it is because the current moneys system continues to cause people to and nature to suffer and die. Tell you what how about you stop the current moneys system – responsible for billions suffering with your vibrations? Are you ready to put your vibrations and energy to the test – by really self honestly looking at how you are going to practically change the world systems with vibrations and light?


Structural Resonance Alignment Session on: Perfection:

I was doing an SRA session with someone last night and we were working on the point of ‘Not wanting to communicate with other people. The first justification we noticed was ‘because they might control my freedom of movement or they don’t know enough to assist me. In this we looked deeper at the point and what opened up was:
The actual reason for not participating with people is not because ‘they are not good enough – but is the experience of yourself in your Secret Mind’ as the Opposite Polarity – which is not being able to keep up with what others are able to do. Thus: Feeling Left behind. Then the point was discussed where one feels left behind because you are deliberately holding yourself back. Why: because of seeking in all things the point of perfection – which again comes down to the Secret Mind experience of seeking perfection actually in Self – but projecting it outward as: I will only go into experiences where I see the outcome is what I see as my idea of ‘perfection.’

We then discuss the point of Personality traits of Aloofness that goes hand in hand with holding yourself back from expressing – which is basic accepted pre-programming. We looked at the point of Self Acceptance. Because in looking for points of achievement and perfection in others which reflects in how you actually don’t accept yourself – then the core point were working with is Self-Acceptance – so everything again always comes back to self – because even though a pre-programmed unconscious pattern is being experiences –the experience still participates in the pattern by not accepting Self – and thus the cycle of separation is maintained.

We discussed the point of letting go of points of perfection that are ideal states of self that will be experiences if something falls into place – or else the being does not move – does not express. With Muscle Communication we tested from a list of possible priority points that ‘Fear of Self-Expression’ was the Priority Point. We discussed the point of: is you stop giving your world values and accept everything as equal then you participate with all things as equal – and in this you stop the cycle of perfection and attainment. The point was understood. Next point that opened up was: If I walk in the garden and I am content with me, no needs, and no expectations – then I realise that I am walking as an Equal to all things because I am with everything as me and thus ‘content (no movement of separation).’ If I am in a group of people and experience no movement, no loss, no hope for an experience – then it means I am Here, because all things support me in that moment as my equal –I AM HERE. If I am sitting there hoping there will be an outcome according to an idea of perfection – then I am not HERE because I don’t realise myself as all that exists in that moment.

Self-Acceptance – if you are in any environment, any space, any situation, with any being – and you are quiet – it is because as you move yourself you are realising yourself within and as all things and people – you are not expecting or viewing them as less than or more than – because you are them. So when you stop craving an outcome I realised it is because you already stand Equal as yourself to the environment you are in – and thus all points is you – therefore how can you seek anything. This was a very interesting point. W discussed the point relevant to the point of ‘Fear of Self-Expression’ – but this is a basic summary of what we discussed.

Youtube Comment: i have “friends” and a “life” that i have to keep going until I’m at least an “adult”

My perspective: What you are saying is that you are postponing the inevitable point of facing Self. And in realising that Self-Honesty is here as who you are, you are making the statement that you will use excuses to not be self honest now – which means you will use the same justification later on – to not take self responsibility for who you are – because then it will be ‘but I have to get through work and my relationships.’
I suggest realise that in complaining that one has to use drugs to cope with being at school and with your friends, is you giving into the world as it is and coping – instead of realising that the world we complain about will not change if we don’t change. So by coping through using drugs you remain a contributing factor to the way the world is. You are as you are now, tacitly agreeing to the world remaining the same – because instead of applying yourself at school and around others – in self-honesty and self responsibility – you are ‘going with the flow’ as it has always been – and thus agreeing to everything that is here.

And the point I mentioned of facing self, is the realization 5 years down the line that you are still who you allowed yourself to be when you were 17 and nobody is going to support you, because you don’t support yourself.
I suggest look at the point of hopelessness: In each human is an inherent lack of self trust and self direction. Each has a point of ‘but somebody will change the world’ – this is the construct of hope – which keeps all locked into the same consciousness pattern. I suggest write about what it is that you see has to be done by each person to stop within ourselves the way the world is currently. From there you will see that because hope is a mind fuck and does not really exist other than a belief within one’s mind – therefore you are what is Real – you as the physical, walking, talking participating and when you realise you are here you start to realise your actions and words are molding the reality . So unless we stop – nothing changes.

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