The fall of god part 1

The Fall of God

Remember Everything is in Reverse that means: if its written it was The Fall of Man what does it mean? Its not The Fall of Man, its The Fall of God Everything is in Reverse If you start studying every-single thing thats written Here in this Reality and you Reverse-it, youre gonna start finding-out whats going on. So- The Fall of God is The Creation of Man in The Image and Likeness of God and Man Exist-As What? As a Name, as Words that is apparently-Alive which is The Living Words, You are The Living Word you read-from The Living Word the Holy-Books that Tell-you all-about: God. What is-it really Telling-you? It´s Telling-you all-about You = Youre The Gods thats Fallen. The Question is How? How did you manage to Fall and in that Process Created- Yourself as Only-Pictures, Images and Likenesses Nothing Real- So, if it says youre The Image and Likeness of God – I mean, what does it say? That youre Nothing like God, youre not the Same, youve Abdicated All of-it, Everything – and you have No-Way of getting-it back, Ever Now Ill explain to-you Why: You must Understand that if you look-at History that is available to be studied, youll notice it started suddenly. When Earth was first Considered as the Point where Creation could have become something different, Substantial- those in the Universe that you can-call The Creator Gods saw an Opportunity their Opportunity was simplistic, they had a Problem: The Substance with-which they were working which was Earth = they did Not Understand, it was behaving- differently to anything they have worked-with up to that moment. So they needed to do a lot of Research which they did over a long period of Time. The Research was done by placing Beings into various Forms that was Designed from the Earth that you would call Bodies today and to Observe What they Respond-to and How their Responses could be Managed. So, by the Time the Story of Jesus is set to have-happened, and the point that was shared then that Angel-Gods can be seen-as one of the Primary Starting-Points, because at that stage already which is 2000 years-ago Man was already-Trapped, it means all the Gods were already-Trapped as Pictures and Unable to get-
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a presentation by Bernard Poolman explaining equality as life on a universal level

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