SRA and the One Dimensional Human

SRA and the one dimensional human:
Ok so why Structural Resonance Alignment? The Mind is a one dimensional programmed reality, which is formed through the connection of point by point, definition by definition, relationship by relationship. As the being progress through their life, they will connect information to more information and that they will evolve as the information. But the information is already here, all theyre doing is connecting with the information and it is all happening at a one dimensional view the view of the person connecting. You never connect and see the other view, so you are not even acting in two dimensions.
In the Structural Resonance Alignment you first Align yourself with your reality, by placing it with Pie-Charts as an initial; practical step, in a flat view so you can see that everything is one dimensional and built out of definitions and relationships and that you have defined yourself as these one dimensional points and you are not a three dimensional being youre a one dimensional being that lives by the values youve given to points and because it is only your view that counts you are in fact acting as god in your one dimensional reality. Youre a stick person, that stick to your beliefs one dimensionally point by point.
So with the Pie-Chart you will actually take apart the relationship-points that you have connected to with your view and then youll assess your view: what is the electrical charge that that point is carrying that you have defined it as, because your mind operates with electricity, so does your Resonance. The Resonance in essence then that is formed, which you cannot see is not part of your mind. The Resonance formed as part of your physical living reality and forms a picture from a symbol, which is a picture from all the information that you have given importance to. Then out of that is formed a new symbol or picture, which is vibrating electrically all the time, so it is always charged. It sends out signals and so it seeks for its apparent completion so it can find another point that can say: ok this symbol, this what I am feeling as this energy in me is important because I found another point that can tell me it is important. And so you get trapped in all of this. And with this Structural Resonance Alignment, well initially first going to take apart the reality of the human the one dimensional self which is personality.
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