Masturbation & Ascension Give Yourself a Helping Hand to Heaven

We are looking at masturbation and the Secret-Mind Now, during the process of masturbation, there is also a process going on inside the Mind and if you slow-it-down, you will note that you have particular points within the Mind that you will be more stimulated with than others and that in your progression of your Mastery of Masturbation you would progressively change your stimulus – that is as you grow bored, more and more bored with one you become more daring and youll find, especially during teenage-years and beyond, thatand even in marriage, that your normal Sexual Expression is not sufficient, the Physical body cant handle the amount of Sex that you are imagining you-are able-to have -Obviously that is a Key that says to you: you think too much about sex, but – nobody gets the picture. So – MASTERbation, the Mastery of this bait this Temptation, that haunts everyone in this Reality all the time Secretly and the things you never talk about, because you will tonight masturbate about the person you was looking at yesterday and it could be anyone from your friends mother, to your friends lover, to the neighbors daughter, to-I mean its all these things that is not defined specifically, therefore you can give it any picture that you believe and that turns you on and from there – you can create that Image, ‘Impulse’ it into your Reality and then when you are done, and you had your oh my god’-moment and you reach your ‘Ascension’ in the ‘moment-of-orgasm’ – and from a MASTERbation you become an Ascended Master, you can then let go of it I mean, it just disappears. What is interesting is that you have everyone imagining it you have some thatll actually live it out and you will have some that force it out, that means that will by force make others do what they imagine in masturbation and then you have the most, which will do it by Money, thats all done in Secret
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a presentation by Bernard Poolman on the Secret Mind and equality as Life for Desteni

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