Only Stupid White People Belief Themselves Racially Superior

Only Stupid White People belief themselves Racially Superior
Preprogrammed Racism
By: Bernard Poolman

Just a point on the Racist points that will be coming out more and more, based on research – that most advances made by the Human Race has come through White People and that there has never been a Black Person that has made a Significant Contribution to the Body of Knowledge and Evolution as the Human perceive Reality to be, and then theyre quoting a lot of beings names from Aristotle to you-name-it, and obviously Napoleon and Newton and many a whole list of names. And obviously the Blacks also attempt to have a Black Jesus Christ I mean, all of it hiddenly about the whole Inferiority Complex to an idea that there is something wrong with them as a race.
The Question is simplistic, the obviousness of it is:
Its not the White Race that is special, its a few people that was specially Pre-Programmed – otherwise all the Whites wouldve been Newtons and Aristotles and Napoleons and Great Beings, theyre not!
Its just those few, I mean Tesla had an affliction seeing bursts of white light within which he would go into a state similar if diagnosed today would be called Epileptic fits, and during that state he got his visions of his inventions, now you wanna tell me Tesla invented anything? He didnt; he got fuckin visions. Some Self-Honesty will do one great to sort-out many of the fucking delusions existent around Issues, like specifically who has done what you can never look at it in any other way as an Individual way – there is a few Individuals that were Fortunate that they were Programmed to come-up (with) some shit that everybody else live now which is part-of How You are Enslaved.
Watch this space for more explanations on Holographic Truths few people
a common sense presentation for Desteni by Bernard Poolman on Equality for all

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