Holographic Diseases

Holographic Diseases
By: Bernard Poolman
Music Intro by: Matti Freeman

Ok, so on Disease –
You can view Disease as the following:
a Colony of Culturally or Pattern-like Beings, that are Same and Similar in Nature that is working together as a Group to find an Environment, a Planet that they can Colonize and Live-in and Take-over and Dominate.
So your Bacteria, your Viruses, your Fungus all of those things, do exactly what the Human do:
Finds an Environment its just another Holographic Truth – the Same Pattern exist in the Big and the Small.
So when you have a Disease that is Emerging in whatever-form, consider the Patterns youre dealing-with, how is that Pattern being lived-out in the Small which is your Mind, thats the Small part and in the Big, which is your Environment´- and where are You Not Equally Standing to sort-out the Problem.

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