Gridlines of light

The Holy Gridlines of Light:
Ok so on the gridlines what we will show in the Structural Resonance Alignment is that the Gridlines as its been presented by Kryon and other channels is a deliberate one dimensional trap. It place you within a one dimensional reality where you seek to find and define your One Dimensional Point of View. Its not even critical within anything else but influencing your Structural Resonance Design to become totally possessed by a belief, which is energetically charged.
All the Gridlines the Magnetic Gridlines are in essence flat. All you have to do is change your view and you will see it is always flat. It is the prison of the one dimensional human the enlightened being that can stand at a point and be a piece of light. Because the point your following is a point thats lighting up. So please be careful what you give value to!
a presentation for Desteni by Bernard Poolman

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