68 Esoteric and Occult Wolrd Placements

Esoteric Manifestations and Placements in this World are of the Anu and Dimensional Manifestation. I would say that it is organizations and establishments in this World that have been Designed in the relationship with Anu and the Dimensional Beings in Existence.

Remember what I have said is that Anu did not allow any Being to have Interdimensional Access to Earth, ok? If Channelings occurred in any form or way whatsoever the Being would come through only through the Mind, head area, suppress the beings Mind Consciousness System, insert another Mind Consciousness System and actually have that Mind Consciousness System communicate.

Its fascinating because, if you look at all the Channels and the Esoterics and the Physics of this World, the messages and the channels, the messages and the words that come through that are spoken by these Mind Consciousness Systems that are interpreted as Dimensional Beings by Human Beings have never been cross-referenced to check if the information is specific, to check if the information is correct, never cross-referenced with each other to make sure that what these Beings, what these Dimensional Beings interpret by Human Beings, but which are actually Mind, a complete Pre-Programmed Mind Consciousness Interdimensional Systems speaking through Human Beings are consistent.

If you have a look at the- it has never been cross-referenced, it has never been checked, it has just been blindly believed that the Dimensional Beings as actual Mind Consciousness System Placements that are being inserted into Human Beings to make as if a Dimensional Being is speaking – when actually it was not – Is what is said as one unified message of Oneness and Equality that Support Mankind and Human Beings Practically in this World, not only for themselves but for the World as One as Equal as all Human Beings

What is Information Control from that perspective? Information control is when something is just believed, when something is just believed and followed and no Common Sense used to actually apply the words that have been spoken as an expression of Self – test: does this Information Support me as who I am in this World as all Human Beings as One as Equal of Life?

I say Esoteric Cults and Information Control? It is a – What is a definition of a Cult?
The definition of a Cult is when its simple, its when Mind Consciousness Systems come together in a Belief that is not Realistic, that does not Support Individual Human Beings as All as One as Equal, as All of Humanity, as all of Existence in a Practical way to sort out this World.

A Cult would be the definition where Human Beings merely expose what is being heard and believed from Mind Consciousness Systems Interdimensionally placed-into Human Beings as Channels in the world, interpreted as Dimensional Beings by these Channels – just believed, just blindly followed, hailed, worshiped youre more than us Dimensional Beings, were so less than, we have to sing then we have to attain, we have to become Enlightened- Please.

Were Equal and One with you, Human Beings, and this is what we are saying here through this Interdimensional Portal. Were Not forming a Cult, we are Not a Definition of a Cult. Those that deem us a Cult is merely reflecting them to themselves.
Remember Human Beings, that which you project or reflect-to to others is actually what is existing within you – It is as simple as that – That which you see in others is actually what Exist As You in the Manifestation in this World.

o, how is Information Controlled through Esoteric Cults? Information is Controlled by having Human Beings believe that the Dimensional Beings are more than/more superior and that Human Beings are inferior and less than, which you are not.
And, you completely forget, youre completely consumed by the beauty of the words joy, love, peace, harmony, think positive, think beauty, dont look at the negative, resist the negative, dont look at the bad, just focus on light, just focus on peace, just focus on beauty that is, then you completely focus on what is beautiful and magnificent and apparently pretty in this World, and you completely forget about You in terms of what am I able to do Practicality in every single moment to Support Me as All, as One, as Equal in this World! Human beings, there is nothing beautiful in this world, have a look! There is nothing beautiful, there is nothing pretty, there is nothing of value!
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