Fear Demon

fear demon, the fear system demons – you’re probably asking yourself what the fuck is that? When human beings have fears I scan your life quickly, and I check if there is any form of fear which is my signature inside you and then I integrate myself into your chest area, I bring all your fears and pictures of fears and illusions together inside me -like quickly- , I transform myself into all your fears, I project your fears through your mind consciousness system into your reality and then I manifest your fears. So that you can face them.

Therefore, if you have any fears inside you – for instance – fear of loss or fear that something might happen to your child or fear you might be in a car accident, etc. That will happen.
Why? Because you’re creating it. Why? Because you ,as me, are manifesting together as one through the projection of your mind consciousness systems, which you’re creating, you create your world and we’re just showing you how you’re creatig your world. Everything will happen much faster now because everything’s compacking in a compound. So if you have one fear, I’d say about … a month, maybe a week, maybe two weeks depended on how extensice your fear is it will manifest. Or I just manifest it as quick as possible so that everything maybe happens one day after another, maybe even in 24 hours you’ll lose everything in your world. Who knows?
It’s all dependend on you. Remember : I’m not doing anyting -we are merely- I am merely the manifestation of your fear as you. So don’t go blaming us because that would be impossible. Blaming us would be blaming yourself.
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