Nostradamus 1 of 3 – Future of Humanity

this is Nostradamus and I am speaking to you from the dimensions. Here I interestingly enough for a moment dont have a future prediction. Because its not that its a future prediction. It is a future certainty. There have been many depictions, many various varieties of understandings of the phrase The End of Time or The Coming of God. And clearly viewing the current situation in this world those such depictions and various views and perspectives of the End of Time and the Coming of God is here.

Now, the interesting awareness that is prevalent in the dimensions is what is the actual cause of the current expression in this world.
It is fascinating because humanity has for so long placed responsibility separate from themselves and has always tended to place responsibility for themselves separate from themselves.
And as myself and many future beings who were able to predict the future I have wondered since I have been in the dimensions for quite some time if humanity realise that humanity itself is the actual cause for the manifestation of selfs future predictions.

Predicting the future is but a fascinating ability. Because predicting the future means that all actions are predictable. And that makes one wonder. If the future is so specifically predictable what is the purpose of living then? What is the purpose of existing then? And that makes one wonder. But is every movement that I will be making, every word that I will be speaking, every thought that I will be thinking, every emotion that I will be experiencing, every feeling that Ill be experiencing is that predictable?

Yes it is.

It is predictable.
Even to the point where your death is predictable. Is that life? Is that the expression of life? My answer would simply be no.
Life is unpredictable, consciousness or a systematic programmed existence or systematic programmed being of self is predictable.
And that is but what human beings are. That is but what human beings are that are currently inhabiting this world. Nature is life. Nature is to an extent, unpredictable. The animal kingdom is unpredictable they are the true expression of life in this world the ONLY expression of life in this world.

Humanity, human beings are predictable. Each and every single movement you will make, how your life will play out. The thoughts you think, the emotions and feelings youll experience. Your movements all that, that entire package of yourself in one singular moment is able to be fast-forward from that moment and your entire life till your death is able to be viewed.

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