FaceWorld Facing the Inner Spirit of Man

I mean, an Agreement should not exist, if there are Lies. Remember: Punish yourself if you are Lying Place very strict rules for yourself, until you can Trust Yourself. Trust Is: when you can Trust that your Inner-World and your Outer-World is the Same then you are ready to Face the World and take-on the World-System and say: The Face of the World as it is presented right-now: is Unacceptable! I will No-longer Hide behind a Fake Face, a Fake Name. This is My Name! I was Born as this, this is my Face My Inner-Face and my Outer-Face is the same. You can See it in my Actions. Now you are Trust-Worthy.
And once you can Trust Yourself Completely and you are Acting in the Interest of Life in All Ways and you are No-longer Allowing yourself to be Deceived by all the False Faces that´s being presented around you: You will initially becomes a Force that Everyone will hate because you will Call-out the Fakes And they´ll attack you, says: I dont want to become Self-Honest! I dont want to be Honest!, I dont want… I like Lying, because then I can get away with Abuse! The Only Reason for Fake Faces is because youre an Abuser you use it to Hide-Behind, when you´re Abusing. And you know it! I´m not speaking of any new fuckin knowledge Everyone in this World know it, no-matter what your level of education: You Know you´re Lying You Know you´re putting-up a Fake Face; and you´re still Doing-it! Interdimensionally the Resonances is gonna Push these things to become YOU it´ll fuckin Pour out of your Mouth Pour out of Everything you´re doing. Do you want Proof? You dont need Proof! YOU Are the Proof!

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