1 Resonance Agreement Principles 1

Now at the moment, in terms of how the Processes are being lived within human beings is Resonantly, ok so in terms of what youre experiencing here face to face (referring to picture), with each other in this Physical Reality in essence is not what is the actual interplay thats happening ok, the actual interplay that is happening, is what is happening behind the scenes, ok.
Andrew/Andrea: Ok
Resonances: The problem you both have is: communication and the way of communication, alright why?
Andrea in your communication what is happening, what you would do is for example compound a point through time alright, let it compound within you and then you lash out in one moment where everything is. (sound of an outward expression)
Andrea: Ya
Resonances: Where that happens – Irritation first builds, uncomfortability starts building, in your head kind of starts doing that (shows a throbbing around the head) and then its a (sound of an outward expression) ok, so.
Bernard: My style.
Resonances: Explosion, ok. Andrew keeps quiet, alright?
Andrew: Ya
Resonances: Yet you let everything mull around inside yourself until a point of depression.
full text here http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewforum….
http://www.desteni.co.za in discussion with the resonances of Andrea and Andrew through the portal with bernard on equality in agreements

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