2 Resonant Agreement Principles part 2

Resonances: Youve got to flow a bit and realise where you are now, your in a… youre in this environment actually (refers to picture) you just have to accept that. You are in a placid, comfortable and whispy environment. I mean there is not allot of conflict/fighting and all those types of things at all.
Bernard: Which is actually from a certain perspective cool, which then indicate in a way that Andrews Resonances dominating, which means hes giving you the space.
Resonances: Yes
Bernard: To actually allow yourself to step out of the war-zone into life.
Resonances/Andrea: Yes/Ya.
Bernard: And actually experience it. I mean obviously its going to be new, but I mean you must remember this is like – new stuff, its for everyone that walk through these things, its new, as you start to walk everything becomes new touch becomes new. Communication you have to kind of like slow down, because you dont always have the…even the vocabulary that suits the situation, where you rather sais ok… there is a certain newness to it.
full text here http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewforum….
http://www.desteni.co.za in discussion with the resonances of Andrea and Andrew through the portal with bernard on equality in agreements

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