3 Resonant Agreement Principles 3

Resonances: Andrew your fear is related to the same principle, but also in a very different way. You from since you were a child, youve been lets call it alone, most of your life.
Andrew: Ya.
Resonances: And you fear losing that aloneness but the idea thereof.
Andrew: Ok.
Resonances: Within yourself, because thats where you find you believe your creative expression comes from your aloneness, when youre left alone by yourself. And youre scared that would be penetrated if you allow yourself to share yourself with someone.
Andrew: Ya
Resonances: So thats also a fear of loss…fear of loss, same point, but youre dealing with, Introversion (points to Andrew) your extroversion (points to Andrea). Ok?
Andrea and Andrew: Yah, ok.
Resonances: But what is cool let me first maybe also explain this right now is what is relationships in the Matrix is the attraction of two parts that are the same like magnets. Ok in that you get the whole fountain of expression within the Mind Consciousness Systems going on. Agreements is where two opposites in essence come together ok, which is very great. Why? – because its a point where the two every time the two like come together theres a discharge so to speak.
Andrew: Ya.
Resonances: Ok, thats where you start seeing yourself actually, what the hell am I in this moment? You see who you are, through agreements, where the two opposites start coming together and the more con…it is not really conflict it is more like a discharge that happens and in that discharge you have an opportunity to see who am I in this moment.
You have an opportunity immediately to change in that moment. You can move very fast, eventually thats going to start stopping that whole discharge thats happening because you are both coming together from your starting point of self-honesty, in who I am as me.
full text here http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewforum….
http://www.desteni.co.za in discussion with the resonances of Andrea and Andrew through the portal with bernard on equality in agreements

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