4 Resonant Agreement Principles part 4

Bernard: And youll Transcend it immediately, the physical is the tool that indicate to you where Systems are in control.
Andrea: Ya.
Bernard: If you do not face them immediately they get worse.
Resonances: Much worse
Bernard: Which is the point of Agreement, when we initially established the whole thing, that everything is going to happen in Agreement is because, in that way you can face, Physically, very quickly, Transcendence, which is impossible to do any other way.
Andrea: Ya.
Bernard: Make sense?
Andrea : Ya,
Bernard: Thats why we said, Agreement is going to be the Key to Transcendence. And therefore going into Agreements especially where you are, for some reason unexplainable, finding yourself in some form of uncomfortability. You cant explain it but you are Physically Reacting.
Andrea : Ya.
Bernard: That is Resonant Possessions ,so to speak.
Andrea : Ya.
Bernard: That then must be faced.
In terms of how one is experiencing and how you reacting to that particular point.
For instance, you (Andrew) may experience it for instance that, its a rejection, but you have a fear of rejection. Which means that once you are rejected you diminish.
Ok, and that would mean thats a Resonance Point, so either one of you will be in a position to change the point.
full text here http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewforum….
http://www.desteni.co.za in discussion with the resonances of Andrea and Andrew through the portal with bernard on equality in agreements

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