5 Resonant Agreement Principles 5 Sex

Andrea: With regards to the sex point. What do I do, because Im like, Ive got the Resistance to have sex and then theres…just because of that, I said, ok now I must push through this point and work with it. My pace is slower than his pace, and thats causing conflict.
Bernard. I will just embrace the sexuality and go for it, even with discomfort. I mean, I have found in every point where I have gone through, there has been discomfort. There had to be a certain change physically that had to happen, I mean either the skin would tear, or you know, all kinds of shit, And I would…I mean thats very painful but you push through it because…
Resonances: You have to train your body.
Andrea: Ya.
Bernard: You got to essentially train the body, the body is not designed for this type of Agreement. The body is designed for a conflict Agreement, the old relationship side,
Andrea : Ya.
Bernard : Where it was easier for you,
Andrea : Ya.
Bernard: Because it was energetically charged, so now you just have to push through it. And sometimes youll find, its very painful.
I mean I experience most of the pain always in the neck as well, here at the top, as I move through the point, to get to the point of Standing.
Andrea : Ya.
Bernard – So also the release point, I find for the male to assist with the female is to put the…Let me show you. To put the fingers there and find the point, the point will make a hard knob here.
Andrea: Ya.
Bernard: You have to massage it, in the movement, and its from there to there. Like a thing will form that is like rock hard, thats the Resistance Point, and that then like, push the Expression down in a way, it locks it.
Andrea: Ya.
Bernard: So if you push there, youll move it…move, then you just push, standing, standing, like giving birth, and then when you get through that point…Heaven on Earth.
full text here http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewforum….
http://www.desteni.co.za in discussion with the resonances of Andrea and Andrew through the portal with bernard on equality in agreements

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