Petite Blond Shaving Hair going Blond to Bald

Why shave your hair?
Shaving your hair is a simple act that each one can make to have an impact the consumerism of Chemical Hairproducts such as shame-poo, Con-Ditioner, hair-die etc. and thus have a direct impact on the environment and the Earth.
Within shaving your hair you state that you no longer support the contamination of everyones water supply through the abuse of hair products to make yourself look pretty and presentable and that you are giving the Earth some breathing space – as well as your head.
The more people do this = the greater the impact.
Drop the Veil that is your Hair and stand for a World of Oneness and Equality.
Acknowledge your symptoms, and stop being in denial. You have Cancer, the Cancer of the System.
The sooner everyone is aware of this the sooner we can cure this Dis-Ease that we have become. So that we can stop contaminating and infecting everyone we meet within our ignorance of this Dis-Ease
Join us on Face World and show us your real Face.

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