What will U do when U REALize there is NO GOD? Run and Hide?

Now, as all have become aware, who have [been] participating with Desteni, is that polarity is, for instance, the equation jump of the definition of two separate manifestations which exist in polarity – expressions, such as love and hate, and war and peace, and… there are many… conflict/calmness… you have religion, you have atheists, you have cultures believing in this, cultures believing in that.

Now, polarity has been designed and manifested and created within this mind consciousness existence, to create friction. So, you have the two polarity equations, and human beings jump within and as polarities in their mind, constantly and continuously – from one to the other, from one to the other – the whole time they’re playing this “tennis ball game” within themselves, with themselves, in their mind – and within the rest of the world.

So, therefore, you have the two polarities of the mind consciousness system, and the polarities that are manifested within this world. Let’s take religion and atheists, for instance. “There is a God!”, “No there isn’t”, “There is a God!, “No there isn’t” – manifesting friction continuously, constantly. And, that seems to pretty much, very well, entertain human beings. Human beings, this entire world, this entire mind consciousness systematic reality existence, has been set up for your entertainment – to preoccupy you, to divert your attention, to divert your focus, to keep you busy, to not be here, remain here of every breath of life, as who you are. Human beings, if you exist in the mind, you exist in polarity – and, polarity cause friction. Now, friction cause thoughts, emotions and feelings to originate from.

How does the mind work? The mind works with polarity. That’s why even scientists… apparently, you’ve got your left and your right brain hemispheres criss-crossing, and all those type of things, etc. Polarity – positive/negative, good/bad, right/wrong… it exists everywhere in this world within human beings, and, everyone and everything in this world is accepting it and supporting it, and, it’s being manifested as an actual experience within this world. So, you see polarity existing in the world. Where does it come from? The mind. The mind being set up on principles of three layers: good and bad, right and wrong, and positive and negative. Those three foundations are the foundations of the mind, upon which it is established, to manifest friction within your mind, because, in that friction, what happens is… it causes like… a lightning bolt within the center of your being – that lightning bolt activates your entire mind consciousness system within your human physical body, and you experience thoughts, feelings and emotions and “pfffffff”, you’re gone.You are the mind, you are the system.

For instance, a human being that is raised to become an atheist, to believe in no god, believes there’s no god: “There is no god”. A Christian is born to believe that there exist a god. Now, these two beings are here, in front of each other – the atheist and the Christian. Within this atheist… within this atheist’s mind’s belief, there is no God. Within this Christian’s belief, there is a God. Now, both of them are actually in the same position. Why? Although the atheist believe there’s not a god, and the Christian believe there’s a God, not one of them are living anything.

[Looks to her right] “So, atheist, there is no God. What are you gonna do about it? Who are you? What are you going to do about it if you realize that there is no God? Will you take responsibility for yourself?” [now looks to her left] “Christian, you say there is a God. So, please show me, and reveal to me how you’re able to justify, in this world, as it exists now, that there is a God. And, you’re just standing there, doing absolutely nothing, while this entire world continues. You’re not taking any responsibility for yourself..” [faces right again] “Atheist, you’re not taking any responsibility for yourself. ” Human beings hide behind their beliefs.
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