FREEDOM HERE – Only the Physical is REAL – Reptilian ENLIL 5

Physical, physical, the physical- physical physical – physical physical physical physical, the physical, physical, the physical

The physical is The One – THE ONE, THE ONLY manifestation in ALL of existence that’s remained HERE – ALL WAYS.

Now it’s fascinating because, beings believed – well, we nudged it a bit that way – that they exist forever, that after death they remain – slightly misunderstood, slightly misinterpreted

See its interesting because what we did is the following: we had to find a way to have – as has been mentioned – power and control over and of the physical, because the physical was realized to be much greater than ourselves and with who we are/ with who we were that was unacceptable, we had to complete our reason, our purpose for being – if we hadn’t – hadn’t didn’t even exist – we would and we did/ DO whatever it takes to do what had to be done: be god. We accomplished that, we accomplished just that.

When Anu realized and saw what the physical vessel actually turned out to be – the moment beings started integrating into and as it of course – and as it’s been explained the mind emerged and through the mind the system as mind, we were able to maintain a certain level of control and power over and of the physical, which then transformed itself into a living organism and decided to go and manifest itself – THAT was disappointing, that was a real real shock, the manifesting part because, what happened was that beings that were enslaved in the mind within the physical became manifest WITH the physical vessel with this entire existence and that became the REAL enslavement and we don’t do enslavement – yes, we’d enslave beings, that’s fine no problem with that – us being enslaved, no way. So we created an interdimensional existence within which we could reign [grins] and have the occasional ‘here and there’ determining factor within this reality/ this world within which human beings are currently enslaved within the mind. Understand: you’re not enslaved in the physical – the physical is God – the physical IS IT man, the physical is your freedom
desteni desteniproductions

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