1 Candida and self abuse

So, Candida is a Condition within the Physical Body that indicate your Balance, your PH, your – Inner Balance of the Physical is Out of Balance. That is caused through a Habit through Time, where you would Allow… You as the Thinking part of you, to go through and become Sets of Emotions, That means in that Emotion you will take on a Level of Sweetness or a Level of Acidity. Maya: of?
Bernard: Acidity, Acid
I mean So say you have a very cool relationship for a moments, everything works and great sex, great relationship and the next moment you get cheated on. You will move from a state of Sweetness to a state of Acid within you. Once you move through the state of Acid and you Stay there, That means you now go to Blame, to Anger, And.. through, and you feel that you were somehow Invalidated, you were somehow not good enough and you start to Add and Compound like a Banking System – the Interest of that experience and that experience become Self-Interest in your Total Awareness of yourself in a Relationship to that Experience. Now, it moves through time, you stay in that state and it becomes a memory of: this what happens to me and it was not fair – This person Harmed me but its not true now. You are now Harming yourself. Now, various possible outcomes start to happen – Depending on your Genetic Code, Depending on your Family Genetic Code, depending on All the people youve Had in your life before, that youve met at school, the whole story, you will have Particular Resonant Memories.
full text on forum http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewtopic….
desteni desteniproductions Bernard Poolman for universal equality for all life

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