2 Candida and self abuse

Bernard : ok you can Support it in Solving it giving it a Bridge of Support but if medicine remove it by itself, and you dont, the Disease will take on a New Form and itll come out as something else.
The research was done very clearly by researchers in Germany. There has been a lot of research on this that has very Clearly Indicated how if you Suppress one Disease, it takes on another form and they can even Predict Exactly what disease will come next. Which is Fascinating that that part is Not being Considered in dealing with disease in the World – Although the research Does Exists. I mean, it is part of a research and part of training of Homeopaths. So Homeopaths deal with this in their Training. Therefore your Homeopath has got a better background training than most of your Health Workers in the World. So if you have a choice to go to get Assistance in the World, the research and the information available to the Homeopaths are by Far Superior to any other form of Health care worker in the World. suggest that you should go to a Homeopath and Only deal with that.
Maya: I wanted to go to one but it was very very very expensive in Israel.
Bernard : It is very expansive because there is not many firstly, and secondly: they become very Sought after. My father in law was a Homeopath.
Maya: the psychic?
Bernard: He was that as well but he was Homeopath, a Naturopath as well, but he became very Well Known worldwide, people would come from around the world see him so he was very fully booked and therefore it becomes more expensive. And it takes an Extensive Amount of study, just like a doctor, to become a Homeopath. Same Amount of study.
But their research is stable. That means – you do not have to develop a new medicine necessarily, for anything. You develop only a new medicine if there is a new condition. Otherwise your Support medicine is the same. Its not like the Medical Industry that is constantly in search and because – When Like Cures Like: the condition that is Pre-Existent that is getting Support will not attack the medicine because it is itself and therefore it Allows the Support to go through and you have a Cure and Actual Support. The moment you use a Chemical from a doctor its Attacks the Body, its Biological Attack, it like a Biological Warfare, it Attacks the Body, and that is why its called Antibiotics and therefore itll have Multiple Effects on the Body and will cause the next disease because it Simply, its like the disease existent will Diminish and it will redirect itself to another point and in time it will come out.
full text at http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewtopic….
a discussion between Maya Harel and Bernard Poolman for Desteni on equality universal for all life

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