1 Shaving Hair the True Face of Heroes

Okay so Looking at practical ways to involve Everyone in the World in a Process that they would experience as Fun, Revealing and Entertaining, and which will be a Road of Discovery and Mystery isthe Idea, the Concept is: Face-World.
Because have a Look: Your whole World consist out of Faces and the World Itself is a Face. The Face of the World is basically… you have a One-World Face and then you have your Cultural Faces, you have your Country Faces, you have your Hierarchy Faces, you have your Face of the Rich, of the Poor, of the Middle-Class, the Face of the Systems, the Face of Education, the Face of Government, the Face of Money, the Face of the Internet Everything is Presenting a Face. Whats going-on Behind the Face Nobody is Looking-at.
By the Law, and the Face of the Law we have Accepted, each Point speaks as an I. Education will speak as an I, Government will speak as an I, a Corporation will speak as an I, You will speak as an I, the Animal-Kingdom will speak as an I Everyone is speaking as an I. An I (EYE) a View a Point of View a Face. The fascinating thing is, that You Know: When You are using your Face that youre Lying. Because youll Put-up a straight Face, while you have Thoughts of Deception Inside you. The Face is Not You. Just as All these Faces that is presented in this World is Not really What Life Is. The Real-Thing is That Thing Thinking Inside, while it is Presenting a straight Face. The straight Face you are presenting is your Structural Resonance. You have created that straight Face through the past actions of Deception. You have Practiced it from the first time your Mother looked you in the Eye and said to you: Look me in the eye and say you didnt do it. And you look straight-faced: No! But Inside says: I hope she cant see it My eyes are not moving, my eyes are not moving Oh No, No; I must make sure, Nothing must move, I must have a straight Face. And there, Mother created the Straight Face. No You did. But Mother made sure you Did. So that you can Survive in the Face of the World.
full text at http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewtopic….
desteni desteniproductions faceworldfaceoff a presentation by Bernard Poolman for Universal equality for all life

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