2 Shaving Hair the True Face of Heroes

Simply focusing on one thing: the fun it is to look at All the Faces of Everyone and have a good laugh at ourselves. So the whole idea of the site is to laugh at yourself, because youll find that laughing at yourself is the best medicine, it helps you to you can say laughter at yourself is Living Forgiveness. Its like when you have water going over a ridge you call it a waterfall in a way, laughter is like the freefall over a waterfall where you let go of your preconceived ideas of the Faces behind which you hide. In doing that and making it fun, and then linking it to Actually show the World that Everybody can Stand Together, were going to make an effort and focus on bringing together at least a 100 million people in the World that cut their Hair and present their Faces, and in that make a Statement to no longer use Shame-Poo and Hair-Dye, and Anything that goes with the Outer Beauty behind which you are Hiding So that the Inner Beauty in Each One can be Seen, so we can start focusing on What is Real, and for that we take-off our Hair – because obviously Everything is in reverse you take the Hair off, what happens? Suddenly there is a point of Equality – Hair interfere because it gives, its part of the False Image youre presenting while youre looking for Sex youre going to have to give it up, because thats Really why you have Hair. Thats why Hair is up and down the same thing I mean, you have Hair everywhere, Just the Truth of the Hair is not being Considered. Why Shame-Poo? Shame-Poo have a look, practically Common Sensically: when you wash your Hair and you take the Shame-Poo and you put water to it, it contaminates all the Water doesnt it? Youre not gonna drink that water, are you? You wash your Hair and then that water fuck into the Earth into the underground tables it does not go up and outside where it can photo degrade, it goes underground and it collects
full text at http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewtopic….
desteni desteniproductions faceworldfaceoff a presentation by Bernard Poolman for Universal equality for all life

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