Judgment Day is a BAD Day!

So What is the Day Everyone Fear? People: Judgment Day. Bernard: Judgment Day, the Day which will be Revealed Everyone Youre Judging and Blaming For Your Present Condition – That is Judgment Day. Obviously Your Idea is Different: Somebody is gonna tell you How Bad you are but thats not Judgment Day, thats Bad Day – Judgment Day is the Day of Reckoning What is a Reckoning? The Day of Reason, the Day of Accounting What and Who You Blame, and Who and What You Use as an Excuse as to Why You Cannot Honor Life Equally – So – That is The Sermon of the Serpent – about the Amount of Judgments You Blame on Others, so that Your Mountain is Too Big for You to Climb, and then You Profess it on your Pull-Pit and Pull Everyone Else into the Fucking Pit of Snakes, and try to Congregate as many as possible in your Congregation to talk about CONsciousness, and you say: I cant have this on my Conscience, I have to Blame You,
I have to Blame my Parents, I have to Blame Satan and the Devil, its Them! I have to Blame God!
And then, in the silence of your room there is a Big Noise you either sit with your Partner and Gossip or you sit in Your Mind with one of your Demons Personalities and You Gossip –
What is Gossip? To Think-Shit or Talk-Shit about Another Being – thats Gossip. What is Gossip? What are you Sipping? The Life Blood of Others, because Apparently You are Better than Them – What does Gossiping Show? You are the Fucking Demon. And, you know what? You Actually Do it,
Think Blaming Thoughts about Others or Talk about Others, in so-called Conditions of Trust, Secrecy. What is the Secret Knowledge of the World? Is that Everyone is Blaming Somebody Else for the Condition of the World and Doing Nothing about it, because, what is the Perfect Way to make sure You can Remain Dishonest? Blame Another! because you cant Change them, and unless They Change, Youre not going to Change = youre gonna Protect Your Fucking Ass – But Youre Not going to Change – Every Excuse, Every Reason Why, Everyone that you where you Point a Fucking Finger to Another for Why You are in the Condition You Are, Is Your Judgment Day. So, youve been Living Judgment Day Every Fucking Day, all that is Happening in the Universe and in Creation is that the Same Day is Repeating Every Day: Judgment Day – And Look How it Looks-like in the World.
full text at http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewtopic….
Bernard Poolman in presentation for Desteni on Universal equality for all life
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