This is the SOLUTION of WRITING YOURSELF to freedom. And I am here to give perspective of how writing yourself, assist and support you within your individual process of realizing self through self insight , self observation. And in that, in moments of self realization, and self insight, setting your free, as the purity of expression in innocence of life as who you are.
Lets take a look at how the mind works. First, the mind stores memories. What are memories? Memories are recordings of moments of experiences that has occurred in the past.

The mind thrives off of memories.
The mind needs memories

Recordings of past moment experiences, that moment is perfectly captured, meaning everything you experienced in that moment to the exact thought, to the exact reaction, to the exact refractional movements inside you, is captured in that moment, and stored within your mind, transferred the information of you as the experience of you in that moment, within and as the entirety of your human physical body, stored as memory of information in that plasticity of your cells, and so you design the personality, the behavior, the becoming, of you, as a mind consciousness system.

Realize that the mind consciousness system exist of the past.
Its all the mind knows.
Its all the mind has…is the past.

And then human beings continue, blissfully and ignorantly in their daily participations in this world, taking for granted each moment of experience, carrying on, carrying on – the burdens of the past, as memories of past experiences, filed in and as the human physical body, which the mind consciousness system use to thrive upon, to exist.

So what is self writing to self freedom?

Its when you do the following, its interesting. When you write, you take out, and its interesting, because it looks as threads of information, you pulling out inside you, so you pull all that information of past experiences as memories from the mind, of the mind within you, you start pulling out, as you write, AS YOU PUT EVERYTHING OF YOU HERE BEFORE YOU IN AND AS THE PRESENCE OF YOU. IT IS HERE BEFORE YOU, AS YOU! It is no more mulling inside your mind constantly and continuously creating and manifesting thoughts, because that is where thoughts come from human beings, from past experiences as moments of memories stored inside your human physical body within the plasticity of your cells, which manifest create and design your thoughts—–And therefore you constantly and continuously exist in your mind of thoughts.
So what is the process of writing to self freedom? It is to bring yourself back HERE

Writing yourself to freedom -This is the key to understanding what have become of yourself–how words are written as self in the flesh-What has been accepted as self

The world is written in books and laws we follow and rules we live by

Whenever we disagree or want to control–we go to the written word

we have holy books as our written moral laws– and all of this shows us what we have become

the matrix is but words as symbols we are living –we the living words–we th living symbols–we the living written statues – The statues as Laws

People involved with Desteni at the Farm

Bernard Poolman, Esteni de Wet, Sunette Spies, Andrea Rossouw, Fidelis Spies, Cerise Poolman, Leslie Poolman, Gian Robberts

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