2 Interview with The System Part 2

Understand the Point of the Physical Space-Time. Your Acceptance In and As a System is not just a Blind Acceptance, you must Understand the Workings of Yourself As a System and How you have Allowed it and How you are Living as a System in All its Facets. Once youve got that point, then you will spiral out into Acceptance of Your Interaction with Other Systems first it will be the Base Systems as Family, as Relationships, then as Community, as Society, as the World – and so you move and Expand Yourself and within that, you will Find that you have Power to Direct Yourself As the System You have Accepted Yourself to be unless you do that, You will Have No Power and will find yourself Experiencing Yourself to be less than the System and you will experience Yourself as being Disempowered – Powerless, Hoping for some Greater Power to come forth and somehow Rescue you from your Experience or your Perceived Reality. Understand that the Perceived Reality in Itself is an Illusion You have Created Not to Realize the Simplicity: that You are In Fact a System, that you are In Fact Nothing More and that, when as All Systems are that which is Created with a Beginning and an End, that when You Begin and when You End, that that is the End of You as a System, and that You Cannot Birth Yourself as Something that is Real, if You are Not First Understanding the Whole Process of a Systematic Existence which in Itself is the Very Nature of a System. And what then tends to happen within the Designs and Movement as and Living as a System, is that one and specially when you dont Accept that You Are the System is that you tend to End up in Positions of Abuse because, that which is You Project Yourself to be has got Nothing to do with Reality and is Existent within the confines of the Mind as the Resonant Energy that is emerging from your Systematic Living but there is a Complete Separation and therefore, your Living as a Projection has No Validity whatsoever in terms of What is Reality and then if you would Continue with that and Actually Die as That, that means you Die As the System Projection = you Cease to Exist. So this is Not a Diminishment, this in an Actualization – You are Diminished in Your State of Mind and in your State of Projection and in your State of Energy because Energy is Not the Source, Energy is the Result of the System. Thats why you have Machines, thats why you have Weather Systems, thats why you have the Spinning of Planets all of those things are Producing Energy but, the Energy is Not You, the Energy is the Projection of You that You have Abdicated your Reality to.
desteni desteniproductions sunettespies bernardpoolman for universal equality for all life

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