12 Reincarnation, Dharma and Karma as Sources for the LOA

Like the Law of Attraction, Dharma relates to being in synch with the Divine Plan. Dharma is the Principle of Divine Order. One is supposed to be virtuous and exist in accordance to the divine harmonious law that is Dharma. According to the Hindu scriptures, only after one has successfully disciplined themselves under dharma within all things, can hope to be liberated from the wheel of reincarnation.

The priests said that good conduct breeds good results. Evil conducts produces evil. Every action will produce it’s future result; Heaven and Bliss for the do-gooder, and Hell and Damnation for the evil. You could even come back as an animal, a plant, or a bit of gravel in your little sister’s shoe. So it was best if you were blameless in causing injury to any life form, lest you come back as what you have destroyed.

Thus, Karma implies cause and effect. What a man sows, so shall he reap. Whatever you send out in word or action will eventually return to you. Simply put, what you give, you shall receive. If you give hate, you will receive hate; if you give love, you will receive love. Obviously, this karmic equation forms the basic scheme of the Law of Attraction: like attracting like
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Research and Presentation by Darryl W Thomas for Desteni
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