11 Resonant Agreement Principles11 Art of Communication 2/2

Bernard: And as you well know, I mean, in learning a new style of drawing it takes you practice to get it more effective. And I would focus on myself and if I draw the picture incomplete Ill stop and say Ok wait, let me start again, Ill throw away the one that didnt work and Ill do it again until Im satisfied that Im drawing the picture in words effectively. And that Im not hiding any of the lines, the lines are clear, drawn, shown, clear. And I would do it unconditionally meaning without me fearing the result of my drawing. It is purely my expression because I would look at it this way, if I am not able to share me completely within Agreement in the totality of my experience so It can be directed, then I am obviously not in the right place. And that doesnt carry any judgement; its just simply what it is.
Andrew: Mm-Hm…
Bernard: I dont here you.
Andrew: I Agree.
Bernard: Yes.
Bernard: Ok but the only way to find out is for you to go full out to that point of communication without compromise. Its the only way you can find out. Because obviously what do you realize, or should you realize, is that in everyone exist exactly the same point. So for each one, the point exist where you can communicate completely and develop that communication completely. And only when one is challenged to that point will you actually do it. Where you start to realize how important it is to within Agreement, paint the total picture, no matter how it looks like. And then to apply orgiveness, corrective action, decide how to direct it together. And then to see if that is lived, and even in that it may take years to come to the Actualization of that living experience. Ok its not going to correct immediately. And there your resolve must be clear. If one have a back-door a way that you foresee where you would get off the train if it goes that way or this way, obviously youre going to get off the train at that point, I mean, but that would be also then the point where you would have gotten off anyway. So you were never really in the Agreement, because if a back door exist you are not in the Agreement.
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desteni desteniproductions a discussion with Bernard Poolman on universal equality for all life in all relationships

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