14 Resonant Agreement Principles14 Resonance Feedback 3/3

In the SRA training , the participants will, when they visit the farm for their practical training, take part in discussions with their structural resonance through the portal as support in taking on the symbolic accepted patterned designs. These interactions with the resonances will be shared on forum as many people have similar patterned programs that influence how they see and experience life. These designs throughout time were placed to disempower each person to the level where a savior will be accepted and no self responsibility is taken. Part of this is to prepare to transcend death when it comes as it comes for all. This transcendence means that one will cross the divide as who you are as self realized intact. More on this in time to come
full text at http://desteni.co.za/forum/viewtopic….
desteni desteniproductions sunettespies estenidewet bernardpoolman for universal equality in all relationships

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