The Observer never sees what is real

The Observer Observes and those what, that is Life, Lives. Now, you cannot expect to Transcend by Transcending One Point, you will only Transcend once youve Transcended Everything until that Time you will Walk a Process and that is Common Sense To have a singular insight and then regard yourself as Transcendental I mean, thatll cause your Dental work to Fail you as you grit your teeth through Time, and your Identity gets dented by your feedback that you will receive from What is Here You are Walking as Breath Simplistically because thats the Only Way you can get through because then you have Living Time -Breath is your Living Time if you Live Every Breath and not just Observe what is going on, youre gonna get some Real Time Breathing Feedback, isnt it? But if you Observe in Time, You will Not be Breath and You will Not Breathe and thus miss whats going on and you will Time Loop- that means youll have to re-do the Breath until you get it – In terms of the Program, the System that You are: Unless you Know All of it that means to such a degree that You are the Living Directing Principle As the System = You Cannot Transcend, therefore you have to Stand Equal As the System – First as Yourself, then as All the Systems that Manage the Perception of the Human Experience, that obviously is going to Take Time Time meaning Many Breaths because you can only do what you can do in a Single Breath within what is the Context of the Here of that Breath and that is about the size of Reality You can Handle at any given moment so dont try and, try and Handle something more by using the Mind because that is Not Real Your Reality is Here as a Single Breath, that is what You can Handle as long as that is the point, Walk it in Humbleness – the moment you Believe You Know more youll already know you are no longer Breathing because youve gone into an Alternate Reality – which is the Mind, which is Knowledge and Knowledge cannot be Trusted because Knowledge was Crafted by the Observer, and the Observer was never Looking at Reality, it was only Looking at its, their Own Observation. Therefore an Observer can Never See Reality and that which the Observer Perceive to Influence Reality is Not Really Influencing Reality, its only Influencing the Observers Reality. Understand that Free Choice is Free Only to the Being that is Choosing and that You Only influence Your World with Free Choice, not Reality Your World is Not Reality because it is a World that Exist as an Observation = You are Just an Observer, your total Physical Body is Designed as an Observation Machine, I mean and youre Capturing Knowledge with it, and within that youre Designing Your Captivity which is fascinating in itself. Obviously the Words is Specific because:
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desteni desteniproductions and bernardpoolman for universal equality for all lif

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