Why I shaved my head

3 weeks ago I found Desteni. Since that day my life changed. Practical common sense can’t be denied, but it can be ignored. Please do not ignore Desteni’s message, as we share the key to becoming who we really are. I’ve lived my whole life knowing I’m not myself, feeling stuck and trapped and helpless to my thoughts, emotions and feelings. Even though I knew they weren’t me. The lack of spoken truth in this world is dis-heartening. However, life’s truth cannot be suppressed forever. As our world is on the brink of collapse, life has stood up, for the abuse has to and needs to end. Life is One, and we are all One, no separation what-so-ever, we just don’t realize it. A One and Equal life consisting of infinite expressions. Yet, restricted by our very own beliefs, via the mind. We live in separation of that which is not separate, we even fight to separate ourselves from our own mind, as we know deep down of it’s deceit, and thus we then see it in others, as ourselves, through our fear of ourselves, we fear others. Our judgments of ourselves, are projected onto others as well in this way. This separation from ourselves and life manifests a friction and a suppression of our true expression, always yearning to be free. Visit http://desteni.co.za/n/join-face-worl… for more info.

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